Mental Health and Happiness in Your Own Dreams

I am glad, because my readers are learning how to interpret their dreams and are feeling better with the knowledge they are acquiring. They are telling me this through their constant communication in email messages. This is the amazing thing about the Internet! Authors and readers are not far away from one another; we can have direct and immediate contact!

The scientific method of dream interpretation is really a magical solution that nobody could imagine possible. It is not merely a translation of dream symbols: it is pure psychotherapy, and the most effective existing craziness prevention.

Everyone needs it, precisely because there is too much absurdity accumulated in the wild part of the human conscience. The anti-conscience, our primitive conscience, is schizophrenic. It means that we are a priori crazy when we are born. The small part of our conscience that has human characteristics is too weak, compared to the huge, wild part of our conscience, which is very powerful and totally absurd.

This is why we need the guidance of the wise unconscious mind in our dreams and in symbols of our daily reality. Alone we will never win the battle against the strong anti-conscience.

We have to eliminate this enemy, so that we may live our lives the way we want.

What do you (and everyone else) want in life?

1. Happiness

2. Health

3. Love

4. Money

5. Peace

You can have everything you want if you pay attention to the guidance you receive in your own dreams.

How is this possible?

You will simply have to add to your list the word “wisdom”, first of all.

With your wisdom, you are going to find happiness, psychical and physical health, the right person for you (so that you will always be loved and respected), make money thanks to your completely developed intelligence, have inner and external peace, avoid diseases and accidents and predict the future, being able to change the future development of what is not as you would wish.

The scientific method of dream interpretation provides you with an exact translation of the dream meanings, which works like psychotherapy, preventing the absurd content which exists in the wild side of your conscience, to invade and destroy the human side; besides helping you to completely develop the human side of your conscience. This is how you will acquire the wisdom you need in order to successfully solve all the problems in your life and be happy forever.

It doesn’t matter if you care about your dreams and take notes everyday, or if you only care about translating them occasionally, such as when you have had a particularly interesting or strange dream.

At the very least, you must learn what the content of your psyche is and how you can protect yourself from the craziness you inherited in the wild part of your conscience. This is indispensable!

If however you are smarter and study your dreams, regularly translating their meaning, you will soon reach your aim, acquiring everything you need in order to be happy for life.

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