Looking For The Best Hospitals in San Jose, Costa Rica?

The Human Development Index of a country is based on the education, income and health of an individual. Costa Rica has a remarkably high Human Development Index demonstrating that the country is significantly advanced economically, educationally and in terms of health and health care. San Jose is the capital of this developed country and as such is representative of the richness of the country as a whole. The many world class hospitals available in the city offer high quality health care at an affordable cost. And many of these hospitals offer service of English speaking staff. This modern city also has many cultural attractions such as gardens, lovely theaters, museums, restaurants and clubs. The following is a brief overview of some of the excellent San Jose hospitals mentioned above.

Hospital CIMA (Center for International Medicine Advanced) San Jose is the most well known international hospital in Costa Rica. This health care facility is managed by a reputable company – International Hospital Corporation – that operates many premier hospitals around the world. CIMA achieved the prestigious JCI (Joint Commission International) accreditation in 2008, BIORAD certification in 2009 and the Certified Quality Process Accreditation in 2005. The hospital has working partnerships with John’s Hopkins Medicine, Southwestern Medical Center, Mayo Clinic and UCLA Health Care. The hospital offers health care service in all branches of medicine. The surgery department has units for ambulatory surgery, outpatient surgery and all kinds of elective surgeries and emergency surgeries as well. CIMA San Jose’s blood bank has achieved the prestigious Certificate of Excellence by Sociedade Brasileira de Hematologia e Hemotherapy. The modern clinical laboratory performs tests in serology, parasitology and hematology by using automated equipment. The medical imaging department consists of five functional units, each of which is equipped with the latest medical devices. The hospital has round the clock intensive care and a variety of other units dedicated to emergency care. Luxurious accommodations are available in air conditioned suites furnished with sofa beds, electric beds, telephones, private baths, cable TV and internet. Tel: 506-2208-1000

Hospital Clinica Biblica (HCB) is located at Calle Central, Avenida 14, San Jose. This world class hospital has been offering all specialized services for the last 77 years. The hospital has association with many well known institutions in the U.S. HCB was also the first hospital in the country to achieve JCI accreditation – the highest accreditation awarded to international hospitals. About half of the 200 physicians employed by the hospital are trained in U.S. The surgery department features units in outpatient surgery, minor surgery, major surgery and laparoscopic surgery. The department consists of 12 rooms and a unique integrated operating theater with an EndoALPHA suite. The intensive care unit at HCB has modern equipment and sections for coronary care, critical care and intermediate care. HCB has many new devices and the clinical laboratory is well equipped to perform all kinds of examinations including most modern immunodiagnostic tests in ABBOTT IMX. Round the clock emergency services are available a are comfortable air conditioned accommodations. HCB is a favorite hospital for the foreigners in part because of its international department run by an English speaking coordinator and staff. Tel: 506-2522-1000

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