Hypoallergenic Skin Care – Your Solution For Sensitive Skin

Cosmetics contain many ingredients that are harmless to our skin. It is the additives that cause those with sensitive skin to have problems with itching, rashes and blotching. Hypoallergenic skin care products usually contain fewer of the ingredients that may cause allergic reactions. However hypoallergenic does not mean that it will not allow an allergic reaction. It is important to read the label. If you are someone who is allergic to peanuts and there is peanut oil used to make the hypoallergenic skin care product that you are considering then you will still have an allergic reaction.

Because hypoallergenic is a label that a manufacturer can put on any product and is not required by the FDA to back up the claim, some companies use the term as a marketing tool. You are the one that can determine whether the hypoallergenic skin care product or hypoallergenic makeup is for you. There are many reputable companies that have taken the steps to reduce the allergens in their hypoallergenic makeup and hypoallergenic skin care products. Their businesses rely on quality, but it is up to you to check for specific allergens that will affect you.

Cosmetics refer to anything that is used to make you look better. A cosmetic can be make-up, nail polish or even toothpaste. Most people only consider makeup when they hear the term cosmetics.

When considering what hypoallergenic makeup to purchase check to see if it is possible to purchase just a sample of the cosmetic. Regular makeup and hypoallergenic makeup often times will come in “Try Me” sizes, or if you are in a department store, most cosmetic counters will provide take home samples. Take your sample home and try it out on the inside of your forearm, not only is this a great place to try out the shade but you can check for skin reactions as well.

Eye shadow though sold as a hypoallergenic makeup may contain metallic flecks so be careful and read the label to see if there is anything in it that will trigger a reaction. Waterproof mascara is also sold as a hypoallergenic makeup; however, it is not very good for those that have problems with skin sensitivity. Waterproof mascara requires a lot of rubbing to remove it and can irritate sensitive skin.

There are several well know cosmetic companies that manufacture hypoallergenic skin care products and hypoallergenic makeup. Almay, L’Oreal and Neutrogena all have product lines that are very popular and for most people do what they claim which is to cause little or no irritation to the person wearing their product.

Natural products are also an alternative to those looking for hypoallergenic skin care products and hypoallergenic makeup products. Natural or organic products use natural extracts and oils as the main body of there product. For many people this works well but for those with plant-based allergies it can be more challenging.

Hypoallergenic skin care products and hypoallergenic make up is available everywhere. You can purchase them at your local drug store, department store or discount center. One hypoallergenic skin care product or hypoallergenic makeup is not the answer for everyone. You need to make sure that the products you are considering are right for you. Know your skin and your allergies and arm yourself with this knowledge when shopping.

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