How You Can Save Your Mental Health and Safety Plus Save Money When Dealing With a Short Sale

Selling a house used to be a voluntary, smooth and well thought out process. Typically home sellers would be looking forward to their new place, or new destination. Asking them to prepare the house for sale was greeted with joy and anticipation, everybody in the family would get in on helping sell the house and move on to the next one.

Sadly, that is not the case now, in probably 30-40% of the cases I deal with. The entire process requires a lot more TLC, that infamous “Tender, Love & Care” is far more important now than ever before. Most people do not realize, how critical our role as Listing Agents has become. Dealing with banks and Foreclosures, we have learned where to go, who to talk to, what type of information and documentation are required, but getting all that together from a depressed individual who is short of money, low in self stem, angry with his lender, and maybe unemployed is not an easy task.

When we come to meet with these sellers to speak about listing the house for sale, we can sense the frustration, the mental anguish, the despair that some people have. The entire house is in disarray, the lawn has not been cut for months, plants have not been watered, children don’t play loudly anymore, and pets get more aggressive. You think I am making these things up? As I type these words, I am mentally reliving my own recent experiences with short sales and foreclosure clients.

I need their help, they need my help. We must work together! I need them to stay focus and mentally alert and to work together towards achieving the goal of selling the house and for them to move on with life. I often suggest to start considering these points:

  • Realize that regardless of the outcome, this situation is temporary. It will change, and it will get better
  • Sprucing up and cleaning the house will help get a much better price and sell a lot quicker
  • If the house sells for a good price, your potential deficiency judgement will be lower
  • Gathering all necessary documents is a must. Short sale approvals will depend on complete packages
  • If there are young children in the house, tell them what is happening. This could be an interesting lesson. And show them how you can overcome adversity… with their help and support.
  • The family will be moving, so start packing, do a garage sale, lighten up your load
  • Get active! Depression will kill you! Cleaning things around the house will help you
  • Get involved in the process of selling the house. There are serious deadlines, foreclosures are followed by Trustee Sales and then by Sheriff’s evictions… if necessary. You need to know when and where to go.

The most important thing is to realize that you are not alone. Unfortunately, thousands of people are in the same situation you are. The sooner you get out from under this situation, the quicker you will begin the process of recovery. You have been successful in the past, that is why you become a homeowner, you can do it again… FHA loans are waiting for you just about three years from foreclosure, remember that.

Finally; Not all Realtors are created equal! Some are true Professionals, who have made an effort to educate themselves in the intricacies of dealing with short sales and foreclosures. Begin by looking for an experienced, knowledgeable and Professional Realtor. One who has done a few short sales and foreclosures, because experience and knowledge does count here. This is not a job for a beginner.

If you do not know anyone, feel free to email me, or call me, because no matter where you are in the county, I am sure I can find you the best local Realtor for your market. REMEMBER THIS: There is no cost for this service. For your information: I will get paid a small referral fee for connecting you with that person. That is why, I’ll make sure WE get the very best one! Visit us at:

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