How Ultrasonic Technology Can Rejuvenate the Skin

Think about anti-ageing treatments and you might automatically think about cosmetic injections. However, at the forefront of the aesthetic treatment industry is a vast array of devices which offer non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatment options without any need for needles.

Non-invasive skin treatment technologies to consider include:

  • IPL – intense pulsed light treatment
  • laser skin rejuvenation
  • CO2 fractional radiofrequency
  • Radiofrequency
  • Ultrasonic

Ultrasonic skin treatment is one of the latest concepts for anti-ageing skin treatments.

This sophisticated and advanced skin treatment technology is not widely available, but does have a very wide appeal for those millions of adults who want to minimise the signs of ageing and keep looking fresh and young.

Ultrasonic skin rejuvenation technology is ideal for those clients who are seeking non-surgical and non-invasive facial rejuvenation. Requiring no needles or injections, the process uses ultrasound technology to stimulate the skin, triggering the body’s natural healing and regeneration responses.

Specially focused ultrasonic waves pass into the deep layers of skin where they stimulate collagen production; which continues to develop and build over the following weeks and months. The result is for the skin to naturally become firmer, tighter and more toned to such an extent that the it creates a ‘lifting’ effect which can rejuvenate the whole facial appearance.

It is a particularly natural looking result as it simply stimulates the skin’s own processes from within. This is a very attractive idea for those people who are put off by the idea of anti-wrinkle injections – which if overdone can leave the face looking ‘frozen’. It also avoids the risk of looking ‘puffy’ or ‘inflated’ which can be a concern for dermal fillers if they are done inexpertly.

The effectiveness of ultrasonic skin rejuvenation treatment is very simply down to its ability to cause replenishment of collagen stores deep within the skin, which basically reverses the effects of ageing and creates a natural and long-lasting result.

Ultrasonic skin rejuvenation treatment has a series of more structural benefits which add to the skin rejuvenation result:

  • potentially very effective on improving loose or sagging facial skin
  • even tackling the more difficult treatment areas, such as the chin, jowls and jawline
  • treatment can even be used to lift the eyebrows, by tightening the forehead
  • can make the eyes appear more youthful by reducing excess skin on the eyelids

For clients who already have traditional cosmetic injections, ultrasonic treatment can work very well alongside them. This can give a more holistic and comprehensive rejuvenation treatment.

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