How to Use Goldenseal Herb As an Acne Treatment

Herbal practitioners now think of Goldenseal as a ‘natural acne’ treatment, anti-inflammatory and mild antiseptic/astringent. Also Goldenseal can help with digestive problems, loss of appetite and liver pathologies. The astringent effect is on the mucous membranes of the lungs, the gut and the bodies’ skin. Goldenseal tastes quite bitter, encouraging the appetite and helping digestion and eliciting bile secretion.

Goldenseal has direct antimicrobial effects, but it may also work on intestinal bacteria, which are reduced in numbers after taking Goldenseal. This in turn leads to decreased digestive problems and also helps in clearing the skin of acne spots and body toxins.

Goldenseal, is thought of as a mucous membrane stimulant, however, it does not have to come into contact with mucous membranes to have this effect. If you chew some Goldenseal in your mouth for a few minutes, you can feel the sensation of tingling on the linings of your nose. There also is an increased flow of mucous from the membranes leading to a very runny nose. Also Goldenseal contains astringent properties, which also opposes that flow of mucous. It is a strange effect, with the result being a runny nose if the sinuses are blocked, but being checked by the astringent effect of Goldenseal. Looking at the traditional herbal mechanisms of action, it is thought this effect of increasing mucous flow, brings about firstly, the evacuation from the body of noxious substances, but also initiates the antibacterial effects of the mucous on the membranes and skin of the body. So, Goldenseal is regarded as being very useful for the internal membranes, but also externally on the skin of the body in the fight against acne bacteria.

So, take Goldenseal 3 times a day, generally for 8 – 12 days:

3 – 4 grams of root or herb, as a tea

3 – 4 mL of tincture extract

For acne skin, apply cool compresses of the herb. This simply means brew the herb in hot water, strain and put the herb in a thin piece of cloth. This can then be applied to the acne skin of the face, back and chest. Initially, a hot sensation will be felt on the skin, but this will pass – followed by a pleasant ‘glowing feeling’.

This astringent effect from Goldenseal will bring about increased blood flow to the superficial skin of the body, which in turn will stimulate tissue healing and speed up the resolution of acne spots. Also, the Goldenseal will exert its anti-bacterial affects and so reduce the acne-causing-bacteria that give us the characteristic spots and scars of acne. This is a soothing, natural acne treatment that deserves more recognition by doctors and patients alike, in the ongoing fight against acne.

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