How to Treat Syringoma Sweat Duct Problem

Sweat duct problems or even tumors, known as, syringoma are not usually painful, although they may be uncomfortable or annoying. Cosmetically, most people consider them unattractive. Syringomas may be accompanied by dermatitis, inflammation of the skin. In that case, the skin around the eyes and possibly elsewhere on the face will appear red and flaky. Itching is a possible symptom, although the itch is due to the dermatitis, not the syringomas.

What Causes Syringomas?

No specific underlying cause has been identified. While inflammation is associated with dermatitis, there is no link between the inflammatory response and the presence of syringomas.

There seems to be a familial link, as at least 10 cases of familial syringoma have been identified and reported. There is no specific genetic association.

Women are more likely to have them than men, indicating that hormones could be involved. Syringomas have been loosely associated with Down’s syndrome, but for unknown reasons.

Like other benign tumors and growths on the skin, they may be associated with the aging process.

What Are the Treatments?

The only recognized treatments for syringoma are the use of lasers or erbium to dissolve and remove the tumors. Those treatments are accompanied by unwanted side effects and may worsen dermatitis. The skin around the eyes is very thin and particularly delicate. It would be wise to treat the area gently.

Is there a Gentle Solution for Syringomas?

I believe there is a skincare routine that can gradually reduce the size of the tumors without causing unwanted side effects. This routine will also address dermatitis, if it is present, and help to reduce or reverse skin aging.

The first step is to check all of your skincare products.

You should try to find safe and gentle cleansers, exfoliants, makeup and other skincare products. You should exfoliate no more than once a week and only if no redness or irritation is present.

If the syringoma are located around your eyes, as they are in most cases, you will need a nourishing eye serum. I’ll tell you more about the benefits of that product in the next section.

Your diet may not be involved, unless dermatitis is also present. If it is, then you may need a good multi-nutritional supplement and an omega-3 fish oil to minimize inflammation in your body. Inflammation is one of the causes of skin aging.

What Are the Benefits of the Right Kind of Eye Contour Serum?

The main benefit is that the serum will make you look better.

• Reduce dark circles and puffiness, because it contains HALOXYL and EYELISS (special formulated compounds)

• Help to “hide” the syringoma, because it contains Functional Keratin

• De-age the skin around the eyes, because the ingredients Functional Keratin and Canadian brown algae stimulate the growth of new skin cells

• Heal dermatitis, because of the anti-inflammatory activity of Functional Keratin

With continued use of the eye serum and the other recommendations above, you should notice that the syringoma are becoming smaller and smaller, until your skin is once again as smooth as can be.

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