Health Issues of Smoking

A smoker who has been smoking for several years will begin to see and feel the health issues as the result of smoking.

One of the first things that most smokers begin to feel is constantly tired. After the smoker has smoked for a while, the nicotine begins to take its toll on the body and the cells. The nicotine deteriorates the cells and slows the oxygen supply to the parts of the body. This makes even simple tasks seem like they take forever to complete. Things like cleaning house become a major task, or mowing your lawn seems like you are mowing the entire neighborhood.

The smoker then will usually begin to notice a shortness of breath. The smoker will also begin to notice a slight wheezing or a squeaking. The smoking breaks down the walls and the cells of the smoker’s lungs. The air capacity of the lungs lessens so the smoker begins to wheeze or become short of breath while walking, exercising and other tasks during the day. Walking, or simple activities seem to exhaust the smoker.  

The smoking will most likely case the smoker to develop asthma, this is a much more sever case than the above-mentioned wheezing. The asthma will require the use of medications from this condition. Whether this is a medicated inhaler, or the use of a nebulizer both of these medications force the openings in the lungs to open and allow more oxygen back into the lungs. Jogging, running, strenuous work or activities become almost impossible with asthma.

Some things that are mildly irritating to the smoker often turn into health issues, simple smokers cough is a warning sign. The cough is the body’s way of trying to tell the smoker something is wrong and the body may be developing bronchitis which is an infection in the lungs. The infection often requires a medication to heal the lungs of the infection. The chest hurts or a tight feeling usually accompanies the bronchitis infection once it develops within the smokers lungs.

Other health issues result from the smoking the smoker may not be aware of until the issues become a sever problem. When the issue grows to become a major issue then it is often difficult to heal the problem. Problems that go unnoticed until they grow into sever health issues sometime cannot be treated therefore the smoker must suffer the results of the issues.

A smoker could also develop a cancer as the result or the health issues from smoking. This cancer most likely will develop some where within the smoker’s lungs. However, the cancer could develop in other parts of the body, the throat, or other parts closet to the lungs. Once a smoker develops cancer the result is continuous tests, Doctor Visits, intensive treatment, sometimes surgeries, or even transplant of major organs is the only form of treatment a smoker must result.

The cancer results in multiple medical expenses and even sometimes the treatment do not work or the problems discovered too late in the smoker.

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