Goma Engineering – A Prominent Name of High-Pressure Homogenizer Manufacturer

High-Pressure Homogenizer?

A High-Pressure Homogenizer is a modern gear utilized for the homogenization procedure of different kinds of materials that incorporate tissue, plant, nourishment, soil, and so on. The most widely recognized type of machine is mortar and pestle, which has been utilized for a long time. The cutting edge forms of this hardware depend on blender sort of instruments.

A high-pressure cylinder siphon, Homogenizer is utilized to break greater particles with size up to 1 micron into fine particles with the assistance of the homogenizing gadgets. Homogenization has been an old fashioned modern practice to deliver an alternate item in dairy and nourishment ventures.

The dairy & food industry utilizes Homogenizer for handling an alternate item with an alternate goal. For instance, in milk, cream, espresso cream, consolidated milk, a Homogenizer is utilized to forestall cream partition, improve season, increment brightening power increment consistency. In yogurt, it is utilized to make a progressively steady gel, in frozen yogurt to forestall fat division during freezing & in full cream milk powder for less partition of free fat.

How’s Homogeniser Works

In the homogenization procedure, breaking the fat molecule beneath 1 µ is finished by going through a restricted cut which is somewhat bigger than the measurement of globules. Speed in the tight cut is up to 250 m/s. As a result of thin cut and high speed, high shear pressure and micro turbulence are made, and thus, globules begin breaking.

Stages in Homogenization

Homogenization is a two-stage process. The first 1st stage includes breaking down the particles & the 2nd stage is to prevent clustering. The pressure used during the process of Homogenization depends on the product characteristics of fat content, viscosity, total solid etc. Usually, the dairy industry uses homogenization pressure up to 3000 PSI.

Before homogenization, milk must be heated to a minimum temperature of 70°C, to inactivate lipase enzyme, to check rancidity & to get maximum homogenization efficiency because of melted fat.

The homogenization process for fruit juices can be conducted at ambient temperature, due to the absence of fat globules. Similarly, that of vegetable fat/Palm oil can be taken just above the melting point.

About Goma Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

Goma Engineering is world’s prominent manufacturer of high-pressure Homogenizer for various applications like milk, enhanced milk, consolidated milk, milkshake, chocolate milk, coconut milk, almond milk, soya milk, cream, espresso cream, Non-dairy whipping cream, coconut cream, Ice cream blend, yogurt, buttermilk, Lassi, Laban, handled cheddar, cream cheddar, fluid egg, chocolate sauce, tomato sauce, tomato ketchup, season emulsion, AKD emulsion, organic product mash including mango, guava, banana, etc.

We are honored with cutting edge producing offices with the affirmation like CE and 3A. We offer a wide scope of homogenizers, from 10 LPH to 20,000 LPH, with pressure approaching 1500 relying on the need and utilization of our customers.

We have a different Research and Development focus to build up the new age, vitality effective, and exceptionally productive homogenizer. Our R and D focus is perceived and bolstered by the Government of India.

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