Ever Wonder How You Could Buy That Huge Movie Theater Display?

Promotional movie standups are usually never for sale to the general public since they are for advertisement purposes only.

However, there are private sellers who provide the opportunity to make any highly collectible movie standee available for purchase if you know where to look.

These types of standees, or better known as standups, are generally made out of thick durable cardboard materials and often come in several different pieces to be constructed into one larger display. After all the pieces are put together the display is able to stand on its own with little or no additional support. For simpler models they will come as one large piece but for the more complicated designs there will be many additional components to piece together, like a jigsaw puzzle, before the final display can be revealed to consumers. You will often see these showcased prominently in theatres in advance of a film release to let the general public know what to expect before the movie comes out.

Movie theater displays range all the way from a small desk or counter top display to a very large theater lobby sized display and almost any other size and shape that are in-between. Moreover, many current displays are not only extremely huge but are now including many new gimmicks such as moving parts, 3D holograms, audio and video additions, flashy lighting and even interactive components for movie goers to enjoy. All these things add up to a much more involved experience for the viewer who is contemplating whether to see the actual movie or not.

Even though a movie standup is frequently found in the lobbies of a theater they are beginning to pop up in video stores, shopping malls and even on the streets in front of retailer stores. Of course, special promotional events or movie openings will also include them but those particular occasions usually only display them for a very limited time period. Furthermore, these are not only limited to the movie industry but also the music industry as well. Many famous musicians have also had their likeness created into one of these displays since both the movie and music industry plays a huge collaborative role in the entertainment industry together. Because of this you will also find them in music stores or retailers now as well.

There is no doubt that it is absolutely awesome to own a cool movie theater display from your favourite film. Imagine displaying one of these movie standups in your bedroom, living room, office or even your own personal home theater room. The possibilities are vast and not only is placing a movie standee in these locations a great decoration piece but they are also interesting conversation starters should you hold parties or gatherings in your home or office.

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