Environmental Issues Heath Problems a Chef Should Know

People are susceptible to all kinds of toxins, so it is not surprising that this gave rise to environmental issues health concerns. It is therefore very important that you know various environmental problems that pose a threat to people’s health, including your own.

This is certainly important if you are a chef because you have the social responsibility to serve healthy, clean and toxin-free dishes. You need to know the environmental toxins especially when it comes to food. You should familiarize yourself with the health risks associated with these toxins. Most importantly, you need to know the various measures that you can adopt in order to prevent environmental issues health problems arising.

Below are some of the environmental issues health concerns that you should familiarize yourself with as a chef.

Lead Poisoning

You probably are aware of the increasing lead poisoning worries. As a chef, you should make sure that you are using utensils and tools that are free from lead. This kind of poisoning is dangerous to people’s health. This can cause visual and motor problems. This can cause stunted mental development. People may suffer learning disabilities as well. You should familiarize yourself with lead poisoning prevention programs. You might also want to know where you can go to for blood lead testing and how to keep your home and workplace free from lead.


Pesticides have always been causes of various environmental issues health problems. These chemicals have always been used by farmers, but lately, there is an increasing demand for organic products. People are conscious of the health risks associated to consumption of foods with chemicals. As a chef, it is your responsibility to ensure that you provide the healthiest foods to your customers. You should lean towards getting locally-grown organic products in order to help the environmental as well as promote people’s health. You should familiarize yourself with the environmental issues health dangers associated to using pesticides on food products. Know the various pesticide safety measures. Learn how to assess health risks. Be conscious about product labels. These are just some of the many things that you can do in order to ensure a pesticide-free kitchen.


You probably are not aware that there are environmental issues health dangers related to molds. A chef is primarily concerned about his kitchen’s cleanliness. You can’t have a dirty or moldy kitchen. Always make sure that you dispose of leftovers properly, so you can avoid molds. Molds are irritants. There are people who are especially sensitive to them. They can cause respiratory irritation, allergic reactions and asthma. You should make sure that you get rid of moldy foods the minute they are discovered. In fact, you should avoid getting moldy leftovers altogether.

Indoor Air Pollution

Environmental issues health concerns also include indoor air pollution that poses a threat to people’s safety. It doesn’t mean that once you enter a building that you are free from pollution. In fact, the problem inside can be just as bad as the pollution outside. This is something that you should concern yourself about especially if you are running a restaurant or a hotel. Indoor air pollution can cause serious health problems. It is your responsibility to ensure that you, your employees and your customers are not placed at risk. You should know the various causes and sources of pollution indoor. Familiarize yourself about the potential health threats and the various ways of improving your indoor air quality.


Diesel has always been a cause of various environmental issues health problems. Constant exposure to diesel or similar products can cause respiratory ailments or lung problems. You should know the various environmental programs that you can join or methods that you can adopt in order to reduce your exposure to diesel or car exhausts. You should also do your part in order to reduce diesel emissions. Being a chef does not change the fact that the environment is also your concern. If you can get a hybrid car or a car that runs on water the better for you.

Hazardous Wastes

Working in a kitchen, you will likely contribute to creation of waste products. These things can seriously cause environmental issues health problems. It is your responsibility to make sure that all your waste products are properly disposed of.

There are still numerous other causes of environmental issues health concerns. Being a chef does not excuse you from knowing these things and doing your part in order to preserve the environment and prevent health threats arising from environmental problems.

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