Don’t Buy Collagen Facial Cream

Collagen creams do not perform as promised and they are likely to cause allergic reactions. In many cases, they cause prolonged redness, sometimes requiring a visit to the dermatologist’s office.

Usually a collagen facial cream will bear a warning label to test on a small inconspicuous area before using on a large area, like the face. But, people don’t always read the warning labels. The only reason that I read them is because sometimes I don’t recognize the ingredients.

I don’t want to use anything that could cause an allergic reaction or an irritation. If it says not to use on broken or inflamed areas, then it does not promote healing. You might think of wrinkling and sagging as a kind of sickness. You need healing ingredients to make it well, again.

Collagen creams are not healing. They provide no long-term benefit and the only reason that companies continue to make collagen creams is because the public continues to buy them. You might think that it would be like getting a collagen-injection, only without the needle or paying $500 per injection. That’s not the case.

Collagens are injected into the deep fatty layer of skin. The process can be used to stretch our wrinkles or give the lips a fuller look. A topically applied collagen facial cream will not do any of those things and companies know it. But, they are allowed to lure you in with their advertising campaigns and sales pitches.

In many cases, once a person realizes that the collagen creams aren’t working, they don’t complain to the manufacturer, they decide that it’s time to visit a cosmetic surgeon. If only more people knew that there is a way to increase the production of new cells and the amount of collagens present in the skin, while increasing firmness and preventing free radical damage. So, share the news with your friends.

There is a topically applied lotion that does work. It does the only thing that a collagen facial cream will do, which is to make wrinkles appear less deep, by filling them in and refracting the light, but it also does a lot more.

In studies conducted with human volunteers between the ages of 40 and 60, researchers saw increased skin-cell proliferation by as much as 160% and increased firmness by as much as 42%. The lotion also has antioxidant activity that far surpasses that of vitamin C or E. Antioxidants are the body’s only defense against free radical damage.

There is a new line of lotions for men and women. Each one of them contains an ingredient called Functional Keratin, along with a number of beneficial nutrients specifically included to address issues commonly faced by men and those that are problematic to women.

They cost far less than many collagen creams. I’ve seen those products priced at over a hundred dollars for a tiny tube. So, you can stop wasting money on collagen facial cream. There’s something far better.

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