Compressed Air Equipment

Air compressors are machines or devices that mechanically compress air. Most will run and provide air with very little maintenance, and most will work efficiently year in and year out without breaking down. However, any type of compressor will eventually need some type of maintenance and will require servicing and replacement of various parts. It’s important to properly maintain and store any type of compressor, so it can be very helpful to learn about the various compressor parts or how to get it serviced.

Some types make use of filters which remove impurities out of the air. This is extremely important for compressors which are employed in the medical industry because the air or oxygen is often sent to the lungs of a person. Inhaling purified air is important, and finding the correct air filter is worth the time and money when considering its applications.

There are many different types of nozzles and attachments that can be fitted to the end of the line or pipe that comes out of a compressor and these are known as air line fittings. These nozzles allow a varying degree of control over the compressed air coming out. There are nozzles that have power tool applications and nozzles for filling tyres to name just two. The range of nozzles and fittings are vast and it is important to obtain the correct type of fitting for the required application.

There are several different types of air compressor and some of these are:

o Reciprocating

o Rotary

o Centrifugal

Uses for them vary enormously and here are just a few of them:

They are used in the medical industry throughout the world. They are generally used to draw air in from outside the room and applied to the patient by the use of a mask as an aid for breathing. There are usually two types of medical compressor; a large unit that is powered by an electrical outlet, and a smaller portable unit that can run off some type of battery or mains power.

Industrial air compressors are used to power air tools, and these types of tools are used by construction workers and contractors all over the world. Industrial air compressors have many different purposes and are available in many different sizes and styles.

Air compressors are very often used at home and are generally smaller and less sophisticated than the types found in large industries. They are useful for inflating car tyres, bicycle tyres or even small paint spraying projects for do-it-yourself enthusiasts.

Maintaining an air compressor can keep it running smoothly and pro-long its lifespan.

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