Can a Mental Illness Be Cured? Discover the Psychiatry of the Unconscious Mind That Produces Dreams

A mental illness is a mysterious phenomenon that usually doesn’t have a cure. Most psychiatrists simply give their patients medicine that will relief their pain, without helping them get back their lost conscience. They don’t know how to restore the intelligence and the capacities of the people who suffer from mental health issues.

I’m not saying that they have not tried to find solutions, but unfortunately the problem is too complex and humanity is too ignorant in its whole. We are not able to cure many physical diseases, mental illnesses and mental disorders.

This sad reality has changed recently thanks to the extraordinary discoveries of the psychiatrist Carl Jung concerning the meaning of dreams, and also to my discoveries, after continuing his pioneer research in the unknown region of the human psyche.

Jung discovered that the unconscious mind that produces our dreams works like a psychiatrist and psychologist. All dream images contain precious messages that we have to translate in order to understand the unconscious guidance.

Jung was afraid to completely trust the unconscious mind because he didn’t know that all mental illnesses are originated by the anti-conscience, the wild and primitive side of the human conscience. I discovered the anti-conscience that he could not see. I concluded that the unconscious mind is wiser than what Jung had concluded.

By following the unconscious psychotherapy everyone is cured from all mental illnesses, mental disorders, or even physical diseases.

A mental illness is evoked by the invasion of the anti-conscience in the human side of our conscience. The anti-conscience starts destructing our capacity to judge reality through our human conscience. This means that we lose the ability to discern what is good from what is bad. We also lose contact with the external reality, becoming more insensitive to the world around us.

When we become mentally ill we lose our memory and our intelligence. We are not able to fully regain what we have lost.

The unconscious mind that produces our dreams is the only psychiatrist who can completely restore the conscience of schizophrenic, psychotic, and other patients who suffer from grave mental illnesses. Its psychiatry is based on:

1- Awakening the lost conscience of the patients by showing them the truth.

a. The patients analyze their own faults, understanding where they went wrong.

b. The patients analyze everyone else’s faults, understanding that other people are human beings like them.

c. The patients understand that they are responsible for their own suffering because they accepted doing what was bad. Or, they understand that their conclusions are wrong because they are judging their enemies without any compassion.

2- The unconscious mind then shows the patients that they have to forgive themselves and forgive everyone else as well, because the human being is in fact a primate who has a tiny human conscience. The wild anti-conscience that destroys the human side of our conscience is in fact responsible for all human sins.

3- The unconscious mind gives the patients a new life, after purifying their spirit through wisdom and goodness.

This is a process that takes time, depending on each case.

Depressed, bipolar and neurotic patients are easily cured through dream therapy because they didn’t completely lose their human conscience yet. Their treatment takes less than 8 months of psychotherapy.

Other patients delay getting help through dream therapy and restoring their mental health because their human conscience was already destroyed by the anti-conscience.

However, everyone finds peace, health, and happiness in the end, when they finally do embark upon the journey of self improvement through dream therapy.

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