Buy Quinoa and Live a Healthier Life

Don’t be the last to try! Buy quinoa now! This is the best time to really think about your health, not just for yourself but also for the people you love, not only to lose those extra size and weight for you will surely lose them, but to seriously consider having a longer and healthy life. Switch to a better eating habit and switch to a healthier lifestyle when you buy quinoa.

Where can you buy quinoa? You can buy quinoa online as a Whole Grain, a natural and organic cultivar mostly from Peru and Bolivia; it is usually sold in 12 oz. packages or boxes. It is cooked in just 10 – 15 minutes, wheat free and gluten free, this makes quinoa the perfect food for people who follow a wheat free and gluten free diet. It is certified organic which means it was planted and cultivated on an unfertilized and healthy soil.

Why buy quinoa? Simple, it’s an amazing grain, a super food. Here are a few heartening reasons:

1. Buy your way to good health because it contains more high quality protein than any other grain. It is actually one of the best sources of protein in the vegetable kingdom.

That’s right, it is a vegetable. Quinoa is a broad leaf plant vastly grown in South America, and the leaves are used in salads with other salad greens and served as a side dish, and the seeds of quinoa are consumed like grains and mostly substituted for rice. Quinoa in itself is a complete protein grain. It provides all the essential amino acids in a balanced fashion, close to the standard set by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. Buy quinoa for a light, tasty and easy nourishment. This delicate grain is much less filling than most other grains and has a delicious nutty flavor all its own.

2. Quinoa is fiber-rich, light and easy to digest.

3. Purchase quinoa to get a high level of carbohydrates that are slow-releasing and helps maintain your blood sugar level, and keep you full and satisfied and your energy high for most of the day with lesser cravings for more food.

Quinoa has a delicate nutty flavor and is very easy to prepare. Perfect for today’s active lifestyle, quinoa can be served as a side dish; in soups, in salads, as a pilaf, and even as a nutritious breakfast cereal. When you purchase quinoa, the package should say that the quinoa grain had been pre washed and thoroughly rinsed and air dried to remove the naturally occurring bitter saponins, and there are some brands that do as they promise. Although it is always so much better if you wash it before cooking, to really enjoy its great flavor.

You can also find and buy Quinoa Flour, Quinoa Flakes and Quinoa Pops for their variety of uses in your kitchen. They come in three variants of natural whole grain; white quinoa, red quinoa and black quinoa. Although there is no big difference in taste or health benefits and the preparation, it will always make your presentation appealing with each color of quinoa grain.

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