Bensimon Plimsolls – Oo La La!

La Tennis Bensimon is a French lifestyle brand launched in Paris in the seventies by Serge Bensimon. The original family business began in 1945 when Serges’s grandfather founded a business that saw him importing second hand American clothes to France. In 1980, Serge Bensimon followed in his footsteps and founded Surplus Bensimon and then in 1984 he introduced the first Bensimon Apparel Collection, which was a line of clothing for men and women inspired by the military and world travel.

After 30 years in the European market Bensimon took his brand into the United States market with a range of tennis shoes or plimsolls, in which his aim was to combine basic simplicity with a touch of luxury. This plimsoll range is manufactured from basic fabrics like canvas, rubber and recycled linen from unused army sheets.

The first Bensimon store, Autour du Monde, opened in Le Marais in Paris in 1986 and in 1992 the concept store Home Autour du Monde opened, selling perfumes, cosmetics, books, music, home decorative items and textile collections. This very successful concept store introduces works from undiscovered talented artisans from all over the world. These days Bensimon designs clothing, cosmetics and accessories along with his fabulous footwear range. Since late 2008 Bensimon’s range of men’s, women’s and children’s sneakers have been available in the United States.

Bensimon plimsolls have a wide following of well known celebrities. The brand has been featured in many upmarket magazines such as Marie Claire, Elle and Teen Vogue and after becoming an iconic brand in the world’s fashion capital, Paris, is now taking on other markets all over the world.

Bensimon Plimsolls are all about living the relaxed French lifestyle and people from around the world are embracing these trendy canvas shoes as their everyday favourites. The durable rubber outsole and toecap provide protection and meet the needs of their active lifestyles. Much cooler and more comfortable in summer for walking than boots, these cheeky French tennis shoes look terrific with jeans, shorts or that favourite summer dress and will look just right at the beach or resort.

Serge Bensimon says “I have always been concerned about pursuing and asserting an open spirit, a come back to simplicity and authenticity I value a fashion that will generate emotions. My idea of fashion is not about changing people or imposing a brand. It is about giving them confidence and enhance their personality by giving comfort and simplicity. I want everyone’s true radiance to show through”.

The high quality craftsmanship, quality of materials used and the comfort and style of Bensimon plimsolls have made it impossible for would-be imitators to duplicate. These modern, chic versions of the old time tennis shoe come in an extensive range of colours and styles, particularly in the women’s and children’s range and it is easy to find a pair to complement your favourite outfit.

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