Benefits of Using Strawberries As a Homemade Natural Skin Care Product

Strawberries are not only delicious fruits that you eat fresh or as toppings on cheesecakes and other desserts, they are actually also quite a natural ingredient for making homemade natural skin care facial wash and body scrub. As a fruit, strawberries have a number of health benefits for the body such as its antioxidant properties and the folic acid it contains. In the Roman times, they even use strawberries for their medicinal properties. They have more vitamin C than other citrus fruits, which makes them a viable alternative for oranges and lemons. But more than that, strawberries have all the natural ingredients that can be quite good for the skin.

What strawberries can do for your skin

Strawberries have an acidic property that can take away all those dead skin cells on top of your skin. This property makes strawberries a perfect natural facial scrub. Then, it also is a salicylic acid that can combat acne and blackheads. So for those having a hard time managing their skins’ acne and blemishes, strawberries may just be the kind of fruit you need to eat and the kind of natural food you can turn into a beauty product.

Aside from these beautifying properties, strawberries can also be turned into a natural skin care regimen because they have natural ingredients that can lighten the skin. This is good news for those who would like to have a lighter skin tone than they have now. Instead of buying hundred dollars worth of beauty products, you can make your own strawberry scrub or lotion. You only have to wait a few weeks to see the astounding result.

Of course, as you well know, strawberries also have antiseptic properties. This is the reason why they were used for medicinal purposes back in the days. They include properties and natural chemicals that can help the body protect itself from bacteria and other illnesses.

If you have freckles on your face or all over your body, you can also use strawberry juice to patch them up. You only need to squeeze the juice out of the strawberry and apply it on the freckles using a cotton ball. It can also clean the skin off possible causes of acne like dirt and other allergens.

Making a strawberry mask

It’s a wonder why people have to pay hundreds of bucks for a facial scrub on a spa or dermatologist’s clinic. You can repair an oily or dry skin by just mashing a strawberry and applying it on your skin. For those with oily skin, a mashed strawberry should be left for 15 to 20 minutes on your face. Wash it with lukewarm water after, and you will see the results in a few weeks of regular facial.

As for those who have dry skin, combine sunflower, olive or corn oil to the mashed strawberry before applying the mixture on your skin.

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