Benefits of Individual Women Health Policy

Women these days are exposed to an alarmingly high number of diseases. Let’s understand why an individual women health policy is useful from them.

With the ever rising number of diseases that affect us these days, it has become absolutely imperative to have a private health insurance plan. Among this list of diseases, there are a few that affect especially women, or affect this gender more than they affect men. Hence, it is all the more important for women to have an individual health insurance plan that financially protects them from the expensive medical treatments they need to take to cure themselves.

Apart from the ones stated above, here are a few more reasons as to why women need a health policy that caters to their gender-

★ Maternity expenses: Becoming a mother is a beautiful experience. However, there are multiple expenses related to becoming a mother called maternity expenses. These include child delivery expenses, post-natal care and medication that might be very costly.

Hence, having an individual health insurance plan may prove to be beneficial during this wonderful phase of life.

★ More susceptible to bone related diseases and cancer: Statistically, women are more prone to diseases related to the bones as their bodies are not as physically strong as compared to men. Also, many women these days suffer from iron and vitamin deficiency that makes them more susceptible to such ailments. Another factor to consider is the types of cancer that affect only women such as breast or ovarian cancer. Therefore, it is wise to have a health plan in place to deal with such untoward situations.

★ More exposed to genetic transfer of diseases: It has been observed that women are more exposed and prone to genetic transfer of diseases such as thyroid, diabetes or kidney issues. Some insurers offer specific plans or riders that can deal with such disease. One must surely consider the same and get an appropriate health insurance plan in due time.

Now that we know the reasons why one must buy an individual women health insurance plan, let’s look at the benefits of having the same Benefits of an individual women health policies

★ Cashless Hospitalisation: If you have a health insurance policy, you would surely get cashless hospitalisation in the network hospital associated with the insurer. This helps you to focus on recovering from your health instead of worrying about the expense of a costly medical treatment.

★ Pre and Post Natal care: Women health insurance plans offer pre and post-natal care that encompass room rent, delivery, medication, and vaccination. These are major expenses and can surely burn a hole in one’s pocket. Hence, it is best to get a plan in place to financially secure yourself from such hefty expenses.

★ Lumpsum payouts on diagnosis of critical dieses such as breast cancer: Certain health insurance plans that cover cancer provide lumpsum payouts when this deadly disease is diagnosed. This makes it easy for the policyholder to get sufficient funds that help her focus on her treatment, without worrying too much about the expenditure.

★ Coverage for vaccination of new-born child: When a child is born, he needs certain essential vaccinations that adds to the delivery expenses, leaving the parents worried. Hence, some insurers also cover the cost of vaccination within maternity expenses so that the parents can focus on celebrating this beautiful moment of their life.

Final Thoughts

Whether a woman is a homemaker or a working professional, she surely must not ignore her health and well-being. Therefore, it is important to secure yourself with an individual health insurance plan that specifically caters to the needs of this gender.

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