Avocado and Its Benefits for Skin Health

If you want to give your skin the best natural treatment, to make sure a longer youthfulness and glow, then nothing is better than avocados. Natural avocado oil comes with anti-oxidants, lecithin, and emulsifiers, which help to keep up a youthful look of the skin. Along with myriad health benefits of avocado, it is also called ‘sunshine vitamin’ because of its vitamin D content. The anti-oxidants contained in these effectively protect the skin from the harmful UV rays. You can use this fruit by providing your skin with some natural treatment options.

The various benefits of avocados for skin are as follows:

#1 – Treats and prevents acne: It’s a natural distress for any girl or woman to have the face full of unsightly pimples and acne. On application of mashed avocado can help you out of this disastrous situation. Avocado oil has linoleic acid, whose absence in the sebaceous glands present in the skin results in acne. Take some avocado oil and massage on your face daily before taking a bath. This would prevent acne and cut the existing ones as well.

#2 – Moisturises the skin: Avocado contain healthy fats, which add moisture to the skin. As you know coconut oil is an effective moisturizer because of its oleic acid content (5-10%). However, an avocado flesh has 63% oleic acid, thereby gifting your skin with the utmost amount of moisturizer it requires. If you daily consume one avocado, then the sebaceous glands on the skin would secrete a semi-fluid sebum, to keep the skin hydrated, and also to add agility to the joints and muscles. You can take the fleshy side of the avocado peel, after scooping out the delicious fruit. Then rub the peel on your skin and feel how it feel refreshed.

You can also mash-up the ripe avocado and add a little drop of lemon juice, egg white, and mixture all the ingredients. Then use it as a face mask. Once it is dry, rinse off your face with a gentle face wash, as you certainly won’t like the smell of eggs on the face.

Alternatively, you can also combine the pulp of ripe avocado with olive oil (3-4 drops), honey (1 tablespoon), and yogurt (1 tablespoon) to make a wonderful face mask. Apart from cleansing, it also adds moisture to the face.

#3 – Protects from the sun: You cannot avoid going outdoors, but the harmful ultra-violet rays of the sun damage the DNA, which even leads to skin cancer. However, according to a medical research, poly-hydroxylated fatty alcohols, which is a type of fat found in avocados can decrease skin inflammation and the cellular damaged induced by radiation. You can apply the pulp of ripe avocado as a face pack to enhance the DNA repair of your skin. Avocado protects the skin cells from malignancy caused by UV-rays of the sun. Avocados also contain Vitamins E and C, which fight DNA-altering UV rays and stops damage. This is the reason doctors recommend avocado for skin.

#4 – Smooths out wrinkles: Age naturally makes fine lines and wrinkles appear on the skin. Sometimes, overexposure to sun can also result in wrinkled face in a younger age. But, avocados can help you turn the clock back, as it comes with profuse anti-oxidants like vitamins E and C. These anti-oxidants help to fight the free radicals that cause damage to the skin. Avocado oil also has elastin and collagen that keep up the elasticity and structure of the skin. Moreover, oleic acid present in avocados can reach even the second layer of the skin and give nourishment deeply, preventing wrinkles and fine lines, which are actually triggered by dryness. Your skin gets a new lease of life with the blessings of avocados.

#5 – Removes a tan: Avocado is the key to get rid of your sun tan. It’s anti-oxidant component known as glutathione functions to cut the melanin pigment (accumulation of which causes darkening of the skin) level by inhibiting the enzyme that produces melanin. Adding avocados to your daily salad or applying pulp of ripe avocados can help to cut sun tan. On daily use, very soon you can notice that the tan gets removed completely, making your skin glow naturally once more.

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