Anti-Aging Skin Care Treatment – Does Sunscreen Skin Care Really Work For Total Skin Protection?

I was reading an anti-aging skin care guide distributed by a cosmetic company, the other day. There was some good advice, but every anti-aging skin care treatment that they recommended was a product from their own line. I suppose that should not be surprising.

They did mention that UV radiation from the sun causes damage to your skin’s cellular structure. They said that was why their products contain sunscreen.

They failed to mention in their anti-aging skin care guide that UVA rays are the most harmful and that sunscreens only protect against burning, which is caused by UVB radiation. Sunscreen is commonly recommended in anti-aging skin care treatment.

I am trying to let people know that while sunscreens may prevent kids from burning, they do not protect the deepest of the skin’s layers. New research indicates that sunscreen may, in some way, cause melanoma, the most deadly of the skin cancers.

They inhibit the tanning process. They inhibit the absorption of Vitamin D. They inhibit UVB rays, but not UVA. You rarely see any mention of the difference in an anti-aging skin care guide.

That’s not to say that you can go out and spend all day in the sun without protection. If you expect any part of your body to be exposed more than 15 minutes, then you should use a zinc oxide sun block. It’s available in many store brands, including CVS and Walgreens.

If you are actually looking for an effective anti-aging skin care treatment, you should consider COQ10. Researchers have been amazed at the antioxidant activity that COQ10 has on the skin’s cells. Of course, it has to be produced in the right form or it will not penetrate deeply, but some of the best anti-aging skin care treatment contains it.

COQ10 can actually undo some of the damage that was done when you were under the age of 20 and it protects the skin from UV damage that could be done today. The anti-aging skin care guide that I was reading failed to mention that. Probably, because the cosmetic company has chosen not to include the ingredient in their anti-aging skin care treatment, since it is quite expensive.

They did suggest exfoliation in their anti-aging skin guide. It never ceases to amaze me that cosmetic companies suggest exfoliation.

It is true that some cases of acne are caused by a build up of dead skin-cells, but daily cleansing removes them. Exfoliation is just not a good idea for anti-aging skin care treatment. The skin’s layers have become thinner with age. With daily cleansing and added exfoliation, you will only end up damaging your face, even further.

An anti-aging skin care guide should tell you about the importance of good nutrition, rehydration, drinking water, daily cleansing and safe natural substances that actually support the skin’s ability to “heal” itself. But, I guess you cannot expect that from a cosmetic company that sells an anti-aging skin care treatment.

Perhaps a dietary supplement company should publish an anti-aging skin care guide. Perhaps, they should be the ones to make skincare products.

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