Aerial Advertising – Taking Advertising to New Heights!

Airplane advertising is becoming an increasingly popular method of advertising to a mass audience. Not only can airplane advertising reach large masses of people, but it can also be used to target specific segments of the population. For example, depending on what you are advertising, you can choose to do the display over a beach, open air events such as live concerts, cruise ships, outdoor sporting events or even during rush hour traffic when your audience is in bumper-to-bumper traffic. One can also argue that with the increasing emphasis on healthy living and the general public’s response to this, people are living a more active lifestyle and are more likely to be targeted outdoors than glued to their television sets.

Aerial advertising gets your message airborne by the means of a custom made aerial billboard or letter banner which is towed behind a low-flying airplane. These billboards and letter banners are a perfect way of capturing the audience attention and can be used by businesses and individuals alike. Businesses can promote special deals, sales or even simply promote their company to create more awareness. Individuals can also use this service for anything from birthday wishes and congratulatory messages to marriage proposals.

Airplane advertising is also a very simple form of advertising and has the advantage of reaching many different people from one advertising effort and allows for more than one target market. Also, because it is a unique form of advertising and is not directly competing with other advertisement as in a magazine or on television, it is easily recalled by people. People are more likely to remember the one banner or billboard they saw in the sky than they are to remember one of the hundreds of advertisements they see in other media every day.

Different kinds of airplane advertising banners:-

The alternatives for airplane advertising include letter banners, billboards and logo boards.

Letter banners are separate characters connected together to write a certain phrase. These are generally short messages and would probably suit the individual advertiser better.

Billboards or logos are available in bigger sizes and can display your artwork so that it is clearly visible from the sky. These billboards should last at least 200 flight hours with normal use and trailing letter banners can also be added for further messages.

Although this is probably a very new and seemingly ‘flashy’ way of advertising to some people, it has proven to be very effective and surprisingly inexpensive way to use. This is definitely worth considering, looking at the other options that advertisers have. Sales and awareness of the product are bound to soar with airplane advertising.

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