Acne Skin Care for Men – My Personal Experience

As an article offering men’s skin care tips and grooming advice, I decided that I should just first share my own personal experiences in terms of skin care and grooming regime. Perhaps there are still scores of boys, guys and men that still think that skin care and grooming are sissy and not masculine. Some men actually think that cleansers, toners and moisturizers are a taboo for men. Being a father of a 1 year old toddler and having spent 10 years of my working career in the cut-throat finance industry, I do not think I am less manly just because I probably stock an arsenal of cleansers, scrubs, toners, creams, serums and lotions that can rival any girl, lady and woman.

In fact, my argument is going to be that “Real Men do Groom”. Ever wonder why male celebrities in their fifties can still look like they are in their mid to late thirties. You have celebrities that are way past schooling age but still able to convincingly play the role of a young funky undergrad. David Beckham is probably the most renowned Alpha Metrosexual in my era. Is he any lesser a man than a rough cookie like Mike Tyson? I am sure that few would argue with me when I say that Beckham is a real man.

Born in a family of 3 boys, and being the youngest; I had an early head-start in skin care as my brothers inevitably faces skin care problems during their puberty. Having seen the adverse effects of acne on the skin conditions on many people, I came to realized that acne is going to be a serious problem if left untreated and scarring takes place. Many men attempt to DIY their own acne treatment by making a potent cocktail of acne treatment products. Depending on what you use, it may even potentially worsen the acne situation. I learnt quickly that when you faces teenage acne, you should first seek specialized medical help to cure and control it, then use over-the-counter acne treatment products to prevent and minimizes the breakout situations.

Most people believe that acne will go away after puberty so they thought that it’s a waste of money to see a qualified Dermatologist. However, they probably never realized that acne scars are permanent and that they will spend more money trying to reverse the damage skin through facials and laser resurfacing treatments. The truth is, scarring can never go away totally but it can obviously be lighten and reduce. Therefore prevention is still the best remedy; seek professional help and use the right skin care products early will minimize damages physically, emotionally, mentally and financially.

Since young, I am already very well versed with pimple creams, like OXY 5, OXY 10 and Clearasil. I have tried skin care products from Neutrogena to Clinique. I constantly maintain a proper cleansing routine, using a proper facial cleanser with anti-acne properties to wash my face and not just relying on ordinary soap and water. I have oily skin thus I never thought of moisturizing or toning my face when I was younger. I do mask only on an ad hoc basis. It wasn’t a bad mistake but still I wasn’t properly guided that oily skin can still moisturize with an oil-free lotion. Toning will help the absorption of other skin care products and also minimize the appearance of pores. An early start to a daily cleanse-tone-moisturize skin care regime will only do good things to your skin as its being well taken care of from young and hence the pay-back will come when you ages.

Once I graduated from university and started working, my grooming regime then starts to get comprehensive; starting off with a daily cleanse-tone-moisturize regime. As I get older, my regime also get more complex, a weekly mask routine got thrown in. Passing my mid-twenties, I started to use lotions to properly hydrate the skin. I also started to incorporate an eye gel into the whole daily ritual. Passing the big 30, I trade up my skin care products to those with anti-ageing and firming properties. It wasn’t deliberate but just somehow came quite naturally as time wait for no man and thus as ones get older, the skin care regime really have to keep up with time and age and be dynamically “rebalanced” to respond and meet the current needs and requirements.

In today’s environment, looking good and being presentable is a very important tool as first impression counts. Avoid having unsightly acne scars by taking care of your skin really early in life. Do not hesitate to seek medical and professional help for acne problems. Ageing is a natural and inevitable progression but choosing to age gracefully and with confidence is a personal choice. So start by having proper skin care products for men since men’s skin are thicker and oilier than women’s. Maintain a good daily skin care regime for a youthful and radiant look! Looking younger than your peers is definitely gonna be priceless.

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