A Guide to Natural Skin Care Products For Aging Skin

Have you ever wondered if what you were applying to your face daily as an anti aging moisturiser actually worked? Most people don’t realise this but some of the ingredients found in the big brands could be harmful to your long-term health.

The best solution to this is to turn to natural skin care products for aging skin but some people may still be asking why should I turn my back on my regular product, what is so different about the natural stuff? Let me tell you.

Big Brand Ingredients

Many of the big brands use cheap ingredients in order to keep the cost of their product down but by doing this they are not putting the very best ingredients into their skin care ranges.

Most of the ingredients have been used for years and it is only now that the possible harmful effects are coming to light.

Parabens are used by many companies as a preservative which is important to stop the products deteriorating before they even get to the shelves never mind your bathroom cabinet.

The problem that has arisen with parabens is that a recent report has linked them with certain types of cancer, breast cancer being one of them. Tests carried out on a tumour taken from a breast cancer patient showed parabens to be present.

Mineral oils are another popular ingredient and they are used to provide a moisturising effect within the skin care product. Again this is an important ingredient to have but mineral oils do not work in harmony with your skins natural chemistry.

They will over time strip your skin of its natural moisture and in the long-term they can cause premature aging.

Everyone likes it when a product smells nice and fragrance would seem to be an okay substance to add to any product however the term fragrance covers over 4000 different chemicals and substances many of which are known to be carcinogens or otherwise toxic.

If you are like me then you probably would prefer a safe product instead of a nice smelling one!

Natural Alternatives

There are natural skin care products for aging skin that use alternative ingredients to the more traditional brands. These ingredients work in harmony with your skin to provide you with soft, smooth, supple and wrinkle reduced complexion that simply glows with health.

As an alternative to parabens, phenoxyethanol and ethylhexyl glycerin work together to provide a broad spectrum, organic preserving effect. They are derived from plant sources and have bactericide qualities as well as being non-irritant and non allergenic.

Babassu wax and grapeseed oil both work as moisturisers and both forms a film over your skin to help to keep out dirt and grime and keep in moisture much like mineral oils. The difference is these substances work with your skin chemistry not against it. They are both gentle yet effective.

Now that you are armed with this information it is possible that you would like to know more. Head over to our website where you will find more facts about the ingredients of brand name products and discover the wondrous ingredients of natural skin care products for aging skin. You will be glad you did.

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