8 Easy Steps to Clear Skin

We all reach a point in our lives when we seek a clearer, fresher, much younger looking appearance. And I am here to tell you don’t have to empty your wallet, you can make it happen the natural way! If you can stick with the steps below for just three weeks you can have fresher clearer looking skin. Let me show you how;

1. Your first task is keeping your skin clean. Clean your face in the morning and at night with a non abrasive, all natural cleaner that removes dirt from your skin along with grime and then finish up with a antibacterial ingredient. Tea tree oil is a very good choice.

2. Once your skin is clean you pat dry it and apply a good toning spray which will cool the skin closing the pores while still clean. Allow this spray to then dry on your face.

3. After the toner has dried put a small amount of skin moisturizer over your face and also neck. Find a skin moisturizer that is made for sensitive skin types and contains antibacterial ingredients like manuka honey and aloe. These are forgiving ingredients that are amazing at clearing the skin from unwanted blemishes and unsightly pimples.

4. Don’t deprive yourself of the sleep your body needs every night, because it will show on your skin. 7-8 hours is plenty. Lack of sleep will bring about problems that can be difficult to cure such as sagging skin under the eyes and dark circles around them.

5. Your food intake is important for healthy, clearer younger looking skin! Consume fresh fruits often and vegetables and control the amount of red meat to 3 or 4 times during the week. Easily digested foods will allow your body to keep well nourished skin, and enable new cell development. Consume plenty of water also!

6. Every week use a body and facial scrub. Start at your feet and work upwards, this helps to get rid of toxins. If you do it the other way it allows those toxins to re-enter your body. Make sure to use a gentle facial scrub for your face and neck to avoid damaging your skin.

7. One day a month use a treatment of steam to pull impurities from your skin. What you need is boiling water and a large bowl. Add two drops of tea tree oil to bowl. Place your face over the bowl wrapping towel around face for good seal. This will allow the steam to open up the pores and clean your face.

Be careful and do not allow the steam to burn your face. Finish by washing face with warm water.

8. Go outside and take a walk to get that blood flowing, take a swim, just get outside and have some fun! Your skin will love you for it.

These eight easy tips will help you get that clear skin that you desire, also do not forget the lifestyle changes you need to make and enjoy the healthy looking skin that follows! A much clearer, fresher more younger looking complexion.

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