Yummilicious Belgian Waffle, Pancakes – Staple Part of Breakfast

A product which is the need of the hour, a product for every ice cream parlour, a product desired by every ice cream fan is nothing but the Belgian Waffle Cone.

Yes, I am also the fan of Belgian Waffle Cone Ice Creams.

I used to beg my mom to make these for me when I was young. Now I make those in most hassle free way for my 2 daughters and they absolutely love them!

Let’s make this clear that these waffles aren’t just for breakfast -this is a great treat anytime. So treat your family to the irresistible taste of Belgian waffles.

The Belgian waffle is not your ordinary product. They are made with sweet and cakey yeast dough filled with bits of pearl sugar. Haven’t got it? Well, I will make simpler.

You can prepare these crispy crunchy Belgian Waffle Cone with the rich aroma of Vanilla in the most hassle free way.

The link I am sharing at the end of the article, you will love the product, they deliver for making delicious waffles.

Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, Belgian waffles are the best part of a relaxing breakfast (also a great treat anytime). Pair with a Sweet syrup or fruit!

Let’s Talk about Chocolate Belgian Waffles – Yeah, It’s Yummier than ever

It was a cold day but nothing that a few warm chocolate waffles couldn’t overcome.

These Chocolate waffles add sweetness to the life

One of the key feature points of these creations is that there is no sugar added to the batter and all the sweetness comes from the chocolate used itself. If you are someone (like me) who loves tasting the rich flavor that can only come from good quality chocolate you will have a fantastic experience. Every component added to the dish is given a chance to shine.

The following link shows you step by step easy-to-make premix concept contains no artificial coloring or flavors and makes waffles that are delightfully crispy and crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. What a pleasant way to share a meal with your family!

How To Make Belgian Waffles

Another key feature as to why these chocolate Belgian waffles are so unique is because of the waffle iron that is used. You can ask any South Indian grandmother and they will say that cast iron is the best for their dosa tawa. Likewise, for a true Belgian waffle, a cast iron machine is a must. The cook time is 6 minutes per Waffle and the even heat transfer ensures a beautifully crisp exterior and a gooey chocolate interior.

Let’s get to another waffle that is Brownie Belgian Waffle.

Brownie in Waffle form is a novel concept, its rich taste of chocolate with munches of Walnut or Pecans along is a treat to the taste buds. Brownie Waffle goes well in combination with Ice Cream or Coffee.


  • Just add water to the waffle cone premix,
  • Prepare batter
  • Pour on waffle baker,
  • Roll the Waffle to cone
  • And it’s ready for the scoop of ice cream with the rich aroma of Vanilla all around.

You can also make variants of Waffle Cone…

  • Dip the cone in dark/white chocolate syrup and sprinkle rice/wheat crispy all over and enjoy the taste of chocolate on Vanilla a cone with a variety of Ice creams.
  • Make different shapes of Waffle, like Waffle Cup, Waffle Basket, Waffle Roll, Waffle Tacos and etc.

Finally My favorite breakfast Food – Pancake and Crepes (Crepes Sometimes favorite)

Whether you call them pancakes or crepes, these beauties are the perfect ones to have on breakfast for me.

Same story about pancake too, When I was young, I used to approach my mom for making these pancakes for my breakfast but she was making them very rarely, So I used to have it outside.

Breakfast in the morning is the crucial meal of the day. It’s not only fun but it’s the most beautiful way to start your day

And I always try to make more fun and exciting by adding ingredients to it, such as choco chips, chocolate syrup, maple fruit syrup. I get fallen in love by just looking at its beautified and delicacy.

If you also want to add more fun then use pancake toppings and ingredients.


These yummy pancakes incorporate a deliciously sweet cinnamon swirl filling. And if that’s not enough, they are topped with a rich, fantastic glaze.

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