Why is Paraben Free Skin Care The Best Skin Care?

Why are paraben free skin care products the best skin care is a very good question. I’m going to tell you why you should use only paraben free skin care products and why parabens could be very dangerous to use. I’ll warn you that after you read all of this article, you’ll never buy skin care products like you used to. Now stick with me, you’ll be very happy you did. It may even save your life.

What in the world is a Paraben?

Not a strange animal. A paraben is the term used to say preservative. It is simply ingredients that promote longer shelf life. Most products sit on the shelf for sometime before purchased, so to insure that it doesn’t go rotten, they put in parabens.

There are many types of parabens. Some products have several of them as ingredients. To mention a few: methylparaben, buytlparaben, isoparaben and etc. If the skin care has the name (anything)-paraben, sit it down and leave the store. I’ll tell you why in a moment. Why are parabens a problem?

Parabens – Are They Dangerous?

The biggest most important reason parabens could be a problem involves your very health, maybe your life. Parabens have been found in breast cancer patients. So far there is no real proof that makes the connection that parabens cause or contribute to cancer but they are under serious suspicion. Don’t wait until the jury comes back with the verdict. Parabens have been found at the scene of the crime so caution is due. Also parabens are not necessary in skin care products as a preservative.

Safer Skin Care Alternatives

There are natural safe ingredients that do just as well if not better. Synthetic ingredients are just a cheap way of trying to do what natural products were designed to do. Natural, truly natural, will always be safe and more effective in the long run than any synthetic, imitation anything. It is beyond me why humans have fallen into the imitation trap as if that is better. Parabens should be avoided.

Do this before you buy any skin care product or even food, shampoo or anything:

1. Check the label carefully. It just takes a moment. Look for two words: Paraben and Fragrance. If either are listed, I feel that the manufacturer and the store really cares more about the money they make, not your health. Why check for fragrances? Because the skin care makers do not have to reveal what is in the fragrance. You would think that a product that smells good is O.K. But possibly the fragrance may be used to cover over the ingredients odor. Also possibly to hide parabens not listed. Just a word of caution worth heeding.

2. So how do you find out what is really in the product? Ask the manufacturer. Go to the company website and look for product ingredients. If no website or no ingredients, forget that product.

3. To repeat, don’t purchase some skin care product because it has a nice smell in a fancy package. You want and deserve results that are safe now and later. The ‘proof should be in the pudding’ as they say. Effective, paraben free skin care products are the safe route to take.

I am very thrilled that I followed the above suggestions. I did research until I found a company that told me everything there was to tell. It is nice to get answers to your email and a nice newsletter that keeps you informed about skin care questions.

Paraben free products will hopefully be the industry standard someday but that is yet future.

Wrapping this up, just remember to do as I did. Read the label. Ask the company what is in the products you may buy. Avoid paraben synthetic ingredients. Buy from a company that has your interests in mind. Remember this one fact: That what you put on your skin could find its way to your bloodstream. Natural ingredients should be what you want entering your body. I am very happy I found the company I did and my mirror has a lot less cracks in it now. For more information, please see my website. – Margaret Bell

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