Vets Say Dogs Healthier Due to Commercial Dog Food

The pet and dog food industry tells us that vets say our dogs are actually now living healthier and longer lives thanks to the feeding of commercial dog food. This news comes in response to testimony from recent hearings held in the United States Senate, due to the recall of more than 100 brands of pet and dog food that caused renal failure and death in dogs.

Dr. Elizabeth Hodgkins DVM, a well known veterinarian, disagrees with the health and longevity claims of the pet food industry. Dr Hodgkins says that in fact vets do not agree on this issue. The reason she informs us is that such a claim can not be proved.

Our dogs are living healthier, longer lives, but not for the reason that the dog food manufacturers and pet food industry would have use believe. A major factor, according to the good Dr., is that living indoors provides our dogs and pets with a better and safer quality of life than dogs experienced in the 20th century.

The Dr. enumerates a few reasons in support of this. She explained that indoor dogs and pets are less likely to be hit by a car, attacked by other animals or people, are safer from the onset of many diseases and more frequently receive regular veterinary care.

The claim that commercial dog food would be a factor in our dogs living a longer, more healthy life as a result of the use of these products has no basis in fact. Let’s extrapolate a bit from the analysis of this esteemed veterinarian. The pet and dog food industry is feeding us nonsense, what they have us feed our dogs is another issue.

Like our dogs, we are living longer than ever before, but our diets are worse than ever. Cheeseburgers, ice cream, candy, high fat processed food and snacks have all contributed to health problems in people everywhere. Yet we live longer. Why? Because we have better medical care, a lower infant mortality rate and other factors not connected to our diets.

So dogs and dog parents are living longer despite their diet. The question for dog parents is whether their dog’s life might actually be shortened by virtue of eating processed commercial dog food. These products may be full of industrial waste, toxins and carcinogenic substances.

Many dog parents unknowingly feed dog food that includes euthanized dogs and cats, grain and cereal filler, preservatives, by-products, additives, dead, dying and diseased animal parts, undeveloped eggs, blood, feathers, hooves, hide and bone fragments.

In spite of this “diet” our dogs are living up to twenty years of age.

One wonders just how long that little pooch sitting at your feet or on your lap would live if she ate a truly healthy and nutritious diet that supported and enhanced her immune system and longevity.

Dog food sold at supermarkets and big chain outlets are frequently chock full of the unsavory ingredients listed above. Make certain that your dog isn’t being fed a diet that is little more than junk food and potentially a health disaster in waiting.

Higher quality dog food is found at smaller independent stores. Make sure that meat is the first and primary ingredient. Many folks are also turning to homemade and raw dog food diets to completely escape the clutches of the dog food industry. Your dog will thank you if you do so as well.

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