The Legendary Hunter Wellies

The legendary Hunter Wellington boots, now firmly established as style classics, were originally designed over 150 years ago for walking in Scotland, no matter how rough the ground or how harsh the elements. Their reputation for both durability and performance, together with their undoubted comfort and style, has made Hunter wellies extremely popular with all walks of life. Hunter has become a brand which is synonymous with the British countryside and worn by the Royal Family, working farmers, the landed gentry and festival goers alike.

Constant research into materials, design and manufacturing over the last 150 years has led to revolutionary technology and Hunter’s own secret production process being introduced, where modern techniques are combined with hand craft skills. Top quality materials are used with up to 28 separate parts being combined to make just one pair of Hunters. The product development of Hunter wellingtons is still based in Scotland, where the wellies are subjected to the worst of wet British weather for which they are intended. As a result, Hunter boots fulfil their purpose of keeping feet warm, dry, protected and comfortable. This helps to reinforce Hunter’s claim of no one knowing more about the requirements of welly wearers than they do.

Hunter has four main activity categories for their boots: work, fun, sport and kids. Work styles give protection, support and performance if you are on the farm, in the garden, at the stables or in the field. The Hunters in this category include: Hunter Original Collection, Hunter Technical, Hunter Bench-Made, Argyll & Bullseye Farming Boots, RHS gardening collection, and Lowther Collection.

Where fun is concerned, Hunter wellies are both stylish and practical for a variety of activities, whether you’re at a festival, walking the dog, playing with the kids, or even going into town. The Hunters for this are: Hunter Original Collection, RHS Gardening Collection, Elegant Sports, Hunter Technical, Hunter Bench Made and Hunter Kids.

No matter what your favourite sporting activities in the countryside are, Hunter boots will allow you to perform at your best. Walking, beating, shooting, stalking, rambling, mucking out stables, fishing – the list of countryside sports where Hunter boots are worn goes on and on. For sport, choose hunters from: Hunter Technical, Hunter Bench- Made, Elegant Sports, Hunter Original collection.

Hunter’s Original Kids wellies and Young Hunter Neo are great for little feet. All Kid’s Hunters come supplied with a re-usable drawstring bag, so there’s no excuse for not keeping them together as a pair! With safety in mind each pair of Kid’s Hunters has reflectors on the back and front . The cosy Young Hunter Neo wellies are available in green and navy, whilst the Original Kids are offered in a range of colours from the traditional green to lime or fuchsia.

I bought a pair of Hunter wellies form here and they are great I also got a lovely range of shooting wear

The variety between the many different collections of Hunter wellies means that there is something to suit a wide range of activities, requirements and budgets. The Hunter Original boot is ideal as an everyday welly as it is comfortable, practical and stylish and is available in 18 different colours. For those looking to invest in a more luxurious boot the Hunter Bench- Made range will not disappoint. These bespoke style boots are hand made and offer an even higher level of quality, support and comfort. Other collections include Hunter Technical, Elegant sports, RHS Gardening Collection, Lowther Collection, Argyll & Bullseye Farming and Hunter Kids. Whether your priority is practicality, style, comfort, price, your health, durability, or fashion there is a welly to suit everyone’s needs.

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