The Incredible Health Benefits of the Amalaki Fruit

It seems like there’s a new super food containing miraculous health benefits hitting the supermarket shelves every week. While some are simply genetically modified foods or plant or herbal extracts, others are in fact all natural foods that produce the health benefits promised. Known as Amla, Emblica officinalis, or the Indian Gooseberry, the Amalaki fruit is the most recent entrant to this market. However, until the popularity of the Zrii nutritive beverage and several other products, this food was hardly heard of outside of India. This article provides an overview of this powerful food including its history and uses today.

The Fruit

This is a pale green fruit that is about the size of a ping pong ball is from the Amalaki tree. The densest growth of these trees throughout the world is in India, at the footing of the Himalayan Mountains. The active ingredients include chebulagic acid, chebulinic acid, and quercetin. These ingredients, revered for their health benefits, have made this food a part of holistic medicine for thousands of years, being used widely by Tibetan healers and Indian herbalists.

Its Discovery

Its use in Ayurvedic medicine led to its discovery by the western world. While considered traditional medicine in India, this form of holistic medicine is considered a form of alternative healing in western cultures. The process includes using massage, yoga, and herbs in healing the body, spirit, and mind. The growing popularity of Ayurvedic medicine has led to this Indian delicacy receiving examination and research by the traditional medical community, proving the benefits others have known for thousands of years.


To ensure the potency and integrity of the Amalaki for its medicinal and preventative uses, such as in the Zrii nutritive beverage, it is “wild crafted,” which means it is grown naturally and harvested organically. This keeps the benefits of the fruit in tact, as there is no use of pesticides.

The Health Benefits

Considered to be one of the most important and potent ingredients used in Ayurvedic Pharmacopia, this food, known as “The Great Rejuvenator,” is used to strengthen the immune system and provide support for many common illnesses. Rich in Vitamin C, this Indian food benefits many organs of the body and supports them as they fight disease causing free-radicals. In addition, these specially trained healers believe it works as an adaptogen, helping the body positively modify its response to stress, thus reducing disease and illness while working to maintain longevity and health.

Its Use In Zrii And Other Products

Its use today mirrors the way it was used traditionally in the past. The Ayurvedic medicine concept regarding using synergistic herbs to bring out the potency of other herbs, thereby increasing the permeation of the body, is the reason the Amalaki fruit is often blended with other herbs and botanicals. The Zrii nutritive beverage, for example, combines this powerful food with six Ayurvedic botanicals that include Schizandra, Tulsi, Tumeric, Ginger, Haritaki, and Jujube.

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