Steaming Food in a Food Steamer – Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is not just about choosing the right food to eat but also how you cook it. Steaming food in a food steamer is one of the healthiest, most nutritious methods of healthy eating.

The raw food diet is undoubtedly the healthiest of all diets but using a food steamer and steaming food comes in at a close second.

When you cook by steaming food in a food steamer the food never comes into contact with the water, so vital nutrients are not lost in the cooking process.

A food steamer will retain the cellular structure of food tissues as well as their aromatic composition because the heat when steaming food is gentle.

Inside a food steamer, the steaming food is wrapped in watery steam and cooking takes pace through a convection process. You will also notice that meat, in particular, stays tender and tasty.

Which Foods to Cook in a Food Steamer

Steamed vegetables keep most of their flavonoids and vitamin content, so other than eating them raw, steaming vegetables is the next best way of cooking them.

Fish is also excellent when cooked in a food steamer because it retains all of its flavors and nutrient content such as the essential Omega-3 fatty-acids found in all seafood and fish doesn’t fall apart during the cooking process.

Stir-frying, boiling, grilling, and other high temperature heating methods destroy many important nutrients. If you want to maintain the nutrients and rich flavors of fresh foods, then steaming food is the key!

You can use your food steamer to steam fish, chicken, vegetables, dumplings and much more and reap the health benefits of fat-free cooking that produces crisp and delicious results.

A Food Steamer is a Healthier Choice

All it takes is a simple change to your dietary habits to greatly assist in promoting better health.

Good health and vitality go hand in hand with great tasting food, steaming food perfectly seals in all the natural vitamins and minerals of foods which are vital to maintaining a healthy and balanced diet.

A Food Steamer Preserves Vitamins and Minerals

Brown rice, for example, should be cooked in a food steamer, because this is the only method of cooking brown rice that guarantees the retention of its valuable vitamin B1.

A diet including five servings of steamed vegetables a day can help in the fight against aging and also protect against several serious diseases.

It’s the abundance of vitamins and mineral salts that is so important and by steaming food you will minimize the risk of losing these vital vitamins and nutrients while cooking.

Overcooking or burning food will destroy most, if not all, of the health benefits from eating it, this can be easily avoided if you use a food steamer.

If you are health conscious you may prefer steaming food in a food steamer to other methods which require cooking oil, resulting in lower fat consumption.

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