Skin Care and Skin Treatments Made Easy

Every day we are barraged with new skin care lines and products with claims of younger and healthier skin, rejuvenation, age reversing, etc… According to the FDA, “Many of these products claims are entirely unjustified and, in some cases, outright lies.” So how is one to weed through the junk and scams to find what really works in skin care? Ask the experts. Dermatologists, plastic surgeons and estheticians have all received thousands of hours of training, certifications and licenses on skin techniques and skin care products that work. They are the skin care experts and here is what they recommend and use on both themselves and their patients:

Waterproof sunscreens with a high SPF: Most people don’t think about their sweat and the fact that it will quickly remove and reduce the effectiveness of most sunscreens. Everyone knows that sunscreen is a must as skin cancer is on the rise and is very deadly. But it must also be effective through the day. Sweat, swimming, etc… will remove the sunscreens protection throughout the day. Some skin care moisturizers have sunscreen with high SPF’s already included. Some makeup lines also have started to include SPF protection. However, make sure that you have a high SPF, low SPF’s are not very protective and can still allow sun damage and aging of your skin. Most of the dermatologists said to stick with waterproof sunscreens as they have the highest SPF’s and are proven to be most effective in clinical studies.

Cleansers: Soaps can dry out your skin and cause aging which will exacerbate any sun damage. A good cleanser will thoroughly clean the skin and leave you feeling refreshed. Cetaphil is highly recommended by the experts we interviewed.

Eye creams and treatments: The skin under and around your eyes is quite susceptible to wrinkles, crows feet, and is a very delicate and sensitive area. Some effective skin care products and skin treatments that are very effective for the eye area are made by Hydroderm. Their products moisturize and plump up the area around the eyes and noticeable differences can be seen in just a few days or weeks. Eye creams and treatments are a great addition to any skin care or treatment.

Retinoid or retinol creams and lotions: The latest in anti-wrinkle and anti aging skin care products are retinol creams and lotions. Retinol is a derivative of vitamin A and it has been in use by dermatologists for years as a natural anti aging skin care treatment. Instructions vary dependent upon the product and its unique concentration of active ingredients. It is best to refer to the manufacturers instructions and your doctors recommendations if prescribed. Retinol creams and lotions are very effective against color and pigmentation problems and also wrinkles and sun damage. They are very effective and would make a good addition to any skin care treatment or program.

Alpha-hydroxy, beta-hydroxy and TCA acids: A cleanser with these ingredients will freshen your skin, alter your skin pH so it is non-favorable to bacteria and acne, and remove dead and damaged skin. Alpha-hydroxy (glycolic acid) and Beta-hydroxy (salicylic acid) are effective on oily prone skin. TCA is a deeper medium strength acid and is by far the most effective for skin care and treatment.

In a survey of over 1,000 dermatologists and other skin care and treatment experts across the country this is what they recommended if you could only choose 5 skin care products or items.

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