Self-Catering A Wedding: Is It a Good Idea?

Bridal blogs are popping up all over the internet, many of them celebrating the merits of having a do-it-yourself wedding. While these DIY weddings tend to be very personalized and may cost bit less, many couples realize too late that the increase in stress that a DIY wedding demands isn’t worth the cost differential. One of the most stressful things you can decide to do for your wedding is to cater your reception yourself. Few brides are able to work around this stress with ease and grace, most come to understand that their special day would have been more relaxed if they had hired a professional caterer.


Each couple has foods that are truly special to their lives and their cultures. Even if it’s just your Aunt Vera’s yeast rolls, there’s always that one dish you never wanted your wedding to be without. If this is leaning you towards catering your wedding yourself, remember that wedding caterers are always happy to create a beloved family recipe or cultural dish for you. They will work your favorite dishes into your wedding menu, and determine other dishes to include that will complement those flavors well.

The Cost

When you are catering your own wedding, you have to supply your own food, drinks, dishes, and silverware. The cost you pay for your reception’s food will depend on the quality and quantity of each of these things, and the price can vary widely because of this. However, this is also true with a professional caterer: your price will differ greatly if you choose hamburgers instead of filet mignon.

The real cost difference with self-catering and hiring a professional is one of manpower. You have to find cooks and figure out a service plan if you are providing your own food for your reception. Your friends and family may be more than willing to stand up when they’re approached with the idea of cooking, but they will be disappointed if they have to miss any of the festivities because they volunteered to work as food service. When you hire a professional caterer, you don’t have to worry about friends or family having to miss any part of your ceremony or reception to tend to the food-everyone is able to celebrate every part of your wedding!

The Stress

There is a lot that can go sideways when you cater your own reception. Will you have adequate cooking space and heat sources? What about proper refrigeration for items that need to stay cold? Will you remember every ingredient ahead of time, and will your cooks know how to properly prepare each dish? These are all legitimate worries when you self-cater. However, when you hire a professional, these worries no longer need be a concern for you. You and your loved ones can relax and enjoy the day without having the added stress of creating your own reception food.

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