Reviewing ‘Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle’ for Quick Weight Loss

If you are a victim of obesity and excessive body fat, we are sure that you must have heard about Tom Venuto’s ‘Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle’. While some people say good things about this product, others have no idea at all about what it is. Do not get confused as here we are going to give you the honest review of this product for quick weight loss.

Pros- The Good Side

1. Personalized approach to lose weight fast

‘Burn the fat, feed the muscle’ uses highly personalized approach that helps in quick weight loss. The basic idea of this Tom Venuto’s product is that everyone has different body and hence process food differently. Some need high carb diet, while others require a low carb diet. This product, rather system tells you about your body type and then helps design a diet plan accordingly.

So, the best part is that your quick weight loss plan becomes specific to you rather than generic one. As you go on with the process, your body starts adjusting with the kind of nutrition required and helps you lose weight fast.

2. All about nutrition

The core book of this product has 270 pages on nutrition alone and provides colossal information on the topic. It has everything that you always wanted to know about vitamins, calories and micronutrients. The personalized information according to each body type lets you determine your daily calorie needs and BMR.

3. Additional information via upgrades

Besides the core book, one can purchase upgrades that include series of author interviews, site subscription, etc. High quality bonus is offered by the Venuto’s site that includes recipes, calculator, product reviews, etc. One can also access message forums to get valuable advice on quick weight loss.

Cons-The Bad Side

1. Brief exercise part

Exercise has an inevitable role in quick weight loss and body building. But the Venuto’s product discusses only briefly about it in fewer pages. Although it tells about how exercise is important for body to lose weight fast and how it affects our body, it just suggests some exercises without explaining the procedure. Even the sample workouts are given as a list instead of step-by-step guide. Finally, it has 25 pages of detail on cardio exercise and weight training plus extensively covers the details about weightlifting that you always wanted to know.

2. For serious dieters only

The core book has 341 pages, so there is a lot to read, understand and practice. The overall information is comprehensive and focuses much on low body fat percentage as Tom Venuto is a body builder. The highly personalized information is great for serious dieters while casual dieters may feel it somehow heavy-handed.

The Bottom Line

‘Burn the fat, Feed the Muscle’ is a great product for all those who want quick weight loss and want to get into best shape. It has great information and this is the reason that it has a huge list of followers.

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