Portable Oxygen Concentrator – Health Benefits and Its Advantages

Approximately, two thirds of the human body is oxygen. When our need for oxygen depletes, our body also weakens. Even plants and animals need oxygen for breathing; how much more are we any different from them. Oxygen is life. It’s a basic need every living organism must possess. From medical conditions such as anemia to respiratory problems, an increase for the demand of a portable oxygen concentrator rises.

There are distinctive and appropriate types designed to cater whatever activity the user is focused at. A portable oxygen concentrator weighs less and smaller, suitable for performing daily mobility especially when travelling by air or by land. Having a portable oxygen concentrator is much easier compared to the big oxygen tanks. The benefit is in the fact that by using a portable system people have the freedom to move about and perform daily activities as normal instead of being confined to one location due to the usage of a stationary tank.

These portable devices differ from the conventional type also in the fact that they do not store oxygen rather they pick up oxygen from the air that surrounds us. Unlike the conventional type oxygen tank, a portable oxygen concentrator doesn’t need to be refilled. Its oxygen doesn’t run out because it runs on electric power. Effortlessly, it provides users a continuous flow of their oxygen needed. All patients have to do is to simply plug it in or have a rechargeable battery in order to keep the oxygen flowing. The length of time that the device will last will depend on how often it is used.

Patients who require constant oxygen monitoring need not to worry because the device is readily available, without hospitalization or renting refillable oxygen tanks. These devices are not only for sick people, but also for healthy individuals who perform strenuous activities. For people performing extreme sports, like runners and other athletes, they need these devices to compensate for the loss of oxygen they use when they practice or when they’re on a competition.

There are precautions that must be taken when using a portable oxygen concentrator. Some of the major precautions are the following:

First, oxygen supports combustion, therefore users must be vigilant not to smoke or get near to people who smoke to avoid exothermic chemical reactions. Second, the patients must always be informed of all the safety measures for having a portable oxygen concentrator.

Another good thing about having a portable oxygen concentrator is that necessity for its maintenance is very minimal. Cleaning the filters with soap and water on a weekly basis should be enough. Then after one year, it can be replaced by brand new filters. Users of the product must diligently refer to its operating manual for further knowledge on the guidelines and for the better usage and maintenance of the portable oxygen concentrator.

In this global age, we are thankful that innovations such as the portable oxygen concentrator are already available in the market. They can provide support to those people undergoing respiratory therapies, people having serious cases of anemia and any other emergencies that this device is needed for.

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