Natural Herbal Skin Care Products

Skin care products range from both basic moisturizers and face washes to specialized products, which all promise to reduce your wrinkles, remove rid of age spots which give you the glow of youth. These options are including over the counter, specialty shops and prescription products. Specialty natural herbal skin care products can come from brick and mortar stores or a specialty order company.

Nonetheless, one of the main real differences between these products isn’t the price, or the promise or hype that are advertised but it is the contents of these contents. Many of these products are filled with chemicals, some of which you will find hard to pronounce. A lot of these chemicals have been shown to cause illnesses in laboratory animals when using higher amounts that are used in the facial product. The reason for this is that you’ll never use enough of these chemicals in your lifetime to cause a problem.

There is a flaw with this thinking though, many companies nowadays use these chemicals in their formulations and although each product only exposes you to a very small amount, there is the likelihood that you are exposed to the same or similar chemicals in many of the other products that you use.

Herbal natural skin care products are definitely a better choice for your requirements. They often include botanicals which will help you both relax and revitalize your skin. They help restore your skins balance. Organic and herbal natural products are as good for your skin as they are for you.

If you consider your skin, it’s a natural reservoir for chemicals and the best way to introduce products into your body. This method is used constantly by Doctors with the use of skin patch medications for things like Nicotine withdrawal and pain medication. Make up and skin care products that you put on your skin are absorbed into your body. When you use herbal natural skin care products there is the possibility that you the chemicals you were depositing will decrease.

Research has shown that today our bodies contain many more chemicals than they did about 20 years ago. Manufacturers of both organic and herbal products will tell you how you will immediately feel the difference when using these quality organic soaps and skin care. But, the truth is that you might not ‘feel’ the difference if you are comparing high end products with herbal natural products. But there is one difference that you will know and that is that these herbal and organic products are safer than those products which have the potential to cause you harm disease or illness.

Many natural herbal skin care products contain essential oils to create fragrances which are relaxing or stimulating while ‘regular’ products are often filled with chemicals that are designed to ‘smell good’ with the infusion of chemicals and formaldehyde look a likes. It’s only when you use a substance that will continue the scent, will the product continue to smell good on your skin. Everything else if just fragrance, after all clean smells great!

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