Learn If Genetically Modified Foods Are Creeping Into Your Diet

When a food is genetically modified it is for the benefit of resistance against insects, herbicides or to make it taste better. No research or studies have ever been done with humans to show what genetically modified foods can do to our health so you could say humans are the guinea pigs in an ongoing experiment.

The genetic engineering that takes place can introduce allergens to the food and lower the nutritional value, for example some soybeans are genetically engineered with the genes from a Brazil nut to improve the taste. It doesn’t take a scientist or doctor to realize that someone with a nut allergy could end up in serious trouble consuming this particular kind of food.

According to the book ‘Total Health Program’ by Dr Mercola- corn is only second to soybeans for the most genetically modified crop in the U.S. This is alarming news for people with poor eating habits, as they tend to over consume corn especially as it is present in many processed foods. Processed corn products such as corn syrup, fructose, corn oil, corn meal, corn starch, dextrose, monosodium glutamate, xanthan gum and maltodextrin are widely used and commonly used as sweeteners in everyday products like soft drinks, fruit drinks, cookies, confectionery and tons of other processed foods.

Did you know commercially raised cows are fed high amounts of corn as part of their diet? Depending which country you live in will determine whether the beef on your plate lived on a diet of genetically modified corn or not. If it did you are unknowingly allowing genetically modified food to creep into your diet. This is one reason why organic and grass fed meats are much healthier and more nutritionally dense opposed to the commercially fed variety.

Some people are skeptical about the organic food movement and think it is a rip off paying more money for the same food. Always remember with organic foods you are paying for your health and not for a brand name. Organic food has always been here. There was once a time when all food was organic before modern farming practices involving chemicals, antibiotics and drugs were introduced to the food chain. It is important for you to adopt the idea of thinking about the food on your plate and whether you prefer eating natural organic food the way Mother Nature intended it to be or if you want to eat food that has been manipulated in some sort of way and can be potentially detrimental to your health.

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