Joint Pain Relief With Herbalife Joint Support Advanced

Herbalife Joint Support Advanced offers all natural joint pain relief from a problem we only think about “when it hurts”… our joints! Reality tells us that there are 206 bones in the human body, and 230 moving and/or semi-moving joints in the body. Reality also tells us that most of us never even think about our joints until they hurt. And, by then is it too late?

Herbalife Joint Support Advanced brings joint pain relief from current discomfort as well as a nutritional source to improve and even help avoid problems as we get older. All through the magic of glucosamine and a unique blend of scutellaria root, selenium, manganese and copper that produce a super formula for supporting joint health and antioxidant benefits for healthy aging.

“Smoking Joints” has a Different Meaning Today

For many “baby boomers” smoking joints had a much different meaning in the 1960’s than it does today. As we age our joints, like our entire body, begin to suffer the wear and tear of everyday life and can begin to break down and cause pain.

Through moderate exercise and a healthy diet we can prolong the adverse effects of aging. But, in today’s fast & stress filled world eating healthy and nutritious meals can be an extreme challenge… and, that’s when we need to rely on nutritional supplements to be sure we are providing our body with ALL the nutrition it needs to maintain good health.

And, for joint support, no supplement is more important than this one. Herbalife’s Advanced Joint Support formula provides:

• Glucosamine, which helps to strengthen joint cartilage and maintain flexibility

• Improves and enhances mobility

• Antioxidant and “healthy aging” benefits

• Protects against adverse wear & tear from aging

Don’t wait until your joints are smoking, start giving your body what it needs daily to prevent joint pain.

Don’t Be the “Ole Hound Dog” on the Porch

I once heard a great old country story about what it takes for us to finally take action on problems that confront us. The story goes like this:

“An old man was sitting on his front porch with his old and loyal hound dog, when a neighbor came by to say hello. As they talked the old hound dog started to whine, a little whine at first but as time went on the dog started to whine more and louder. The neighbor, being concerned, asked the old man if there was something wrong with his dog. The old man replied, “nope, he’s probably just laying on a nail that is sticking up out of the floor.” The neighbor, still concerned, asked “well, why doesn’t he move?” The old man answered, “oh, he will… once the pain gets bad enough.”

As we get older, too many of us become like that old hound dog and we don’t take action “until the pain gets bad enough.” But, with just a little planning we can put good nutrition in our bodies “before” the pain gets too bad.

Herbalife Joint Support Advanced provides the nutrition to help improve joint function now, providing joint pain relief and helps to prevent problems in the future from aging. All in a simple to take tablet that is cost effective when compared to the discomfort of “lying on that nail in the floor” like the ole hound dog did.

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