It’s Raining Good Food in Delhi!

It is rightly said that variety is a spice of life. In a country like India, one can find ample variety in various food specialties. From north to south, east to west, India is rich with agriculture, which has led to a greener India. This is one reason why Indians are big-time foodies. May it be the royal Rajsthani thali, the heavy and stuffing Punjabi cuisines or the authentic Hyderabadi biryanis, we can find all types of food varieties in India. But from the past few years we can see that restaurants now have a menu of not only the Indian food but as well as a menu for those who’d like to try out Thai, Chinese, Italian, Mexican and American cuisines. So today I’ll be sharing a little trivia on some of best Chinese, Italian and Mexican restaurants of Delhi.

To start with the Chinese restaurants, then Buzz Punjabi Bagh, Yo! China and Noottee Resto and Lounge are taking the lead. Buzz Punjabi Bagh not only specializes in Chinese but has an ample variety of other menu like North Indian, Thai, Lebanese, Italian, Mexican, Asian, Continental, Mediterranian and Japanese cuisines. Yo! China is said to be India’s first and largest chain that serves an authentic Indian Chinese menu in an international feel of the ambience in its restaurants. Noottee Resto and Lounge of Rajouri Garden also is a suitable choice to try out a high standard in Chinese cuisines. A couple of other good Chinese restaurants are Bikanervala, Pinch of spice, Hammer Club and Lounge and Just Baguette.

Looking forward to the Italian cuisines, restaurants like Grub House, The Sky Bar and Terrace Garden Lounge and Resto Bar are an easy choice over the rest. Grub House is well known for its architectural design and its rich variety in the menu. They have a café on the ground floor, a restaurant on the first floor and a lounge on the second. The Sky Bar is a good alternative for having a delicious Italian meal. Along with the culinary, they also have live music and bar service made available to its customers. Terrace Garden Lounge and Resto Bar is also a very good restaurant that’s a must try. Some other restaurants like The Royal Spice, Big Yellow Door and Sakley The Mountain Café are also worth a try.

For Mexican food, it’s undoubtedly Zamossa, Fusion Lounge and Garage Inc that are a must visit. Zamossa is another restaurant that has an unusual approach to its interiors. The interiors give you a feel of entering into a disco of the 1980s movie. The food here is marvelous that tastes even tastier with the live music and a range of sparkling cocktails and other beverages. Fusion Lounge has a classy finish to its interiors while the food service here is excellent. Garage Inc. is another good restaurant that serves a delicious Italian menu.

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