Increase Chances of Pregnancy Naturally

If you have been trying to conceive for some time now and have not succeeded so far, your frustration levels are bound to be high. Well-meaning people telling you to relax can get on to your nerves and makes matter worst. Not getting pregnant can be a very emotionally exhausting time for a couple. While in some cases the need for medical intervention is necessary, in many others it is the natural methods that may work much better.

It is possible to increase chances of pregnancy naturally without bothering with artificial substances and medications. A few tips on how to increase fertility naturally are discussed below:

o Say No to Intoxicants – Drugs, smoking, alcohol and even over the counter medication can sometimes affect the fertility of a person negatively. So if you are looking to increase fertility naturally, you must begin by saying no to all these substances.

o Exercise – When looking to get pregnant naturally, do follow a regular exercise regime. Women with severe PCOD problems have also responded to exercising and have been able to control as well as eliminate their problem by simply keeping their weight low.

o Rest – Do not over-work and stress yourself since it will adversely affect your chances of conception. Many women who are having a tough time getting pregnant will find that simply relaxing their minds and bodies will help them increase chances of pregnancy naturally.

o Make Love – Rather than focusing on the conception part of intercourse, think about enjoying the act for what it is. Women, who time their sexual activity with their ovulation and think about getting pregnant all the time, may not succeed simply due to the tension they put their bodies through.

o Deep Penetration Poses – When hoping to get pregnant naturally it will help to adopt intercourse poses that facilitate deep penetration. This allows the sperm better chance of reaching the ovum.

There could be many reasons as to why you may not be getting pregnant naturally. One or both of the partners could be having a problem or sometimes there may be no apparent reasons for a couple not being able to conceive. Simple lifestyle changes like the ones listed above do help to increase chances of pregnancy naturally and must be explored by all those wanting to conceive.

Some people prefer to seek a medical test in order to decipher the cause of their infertility and then proceed to adopt natural methods to combat the issue. A word of caution though – do not presume that all natural substances are free of side effects. If you do take a natural substance to boost your fertility, check to make sure if it has any reported side effects.

Increase chances of pregnancy naturally

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