How to Stay Positive When Life Throws You a Curveball

Life is…

Hi there, Welcome to my thoughts once again. “Staying Positive” is what we all want for our lives. I put in a conscious effort trying to stay away from negative thoughts & emotions as much as I can, but then again positive and negative is a part of life isn’t it? In fact i have begun to understand that the mind plays a very important role here, we need to programme our minds positively and rid it of all the junk. Now how do you do that is what I was thinking when boom “Be A Sport” kept flashing on my mind. What is be a sport? How was it connected to getting rid of my mental junk? I was confused, then flashed sport psychology, so I looked it up the Internet and realised that sport psychology is nothing but the use of mind power and a couple of techniques to relax and focus in a positive manner.

I then remembered how “be a sport” was such a common word for us whenever somebody failed at a task. Now things were making sense. In order to stay positive and rid my mind of all the junk I had to be a sport in the game called life. I had to stop brooding over spilt milk, clean up the mess and move on. Wow that’s so simple, but then again is it? Now I faced the same challenge from a different perspective. Woo! Boy now I’m confused, irritated and anything but positive, so i decided to start from just where I was. I was going to be a sport. On further surfing the Internet I realised that what I was searching for wasn’t difficult after all, actually I loved what I was reading, it was fun.

All I had to do to clear the mess and rid myself of the junk was to first relax. Relaxation came with the practice of meditation which also got me more centered, focused and confident. However I wasn’t meditating like a monk on the very 1st day, it took me a couple of weeks but did me good and I ensured I found the time to meditate. Initially I used to find the concept of meditation weird. I mean you know you just sit still for about an hour or so and you are enlightened. Believe me meditation helps you stay focused, gets rid of stress, helps you stay positive no matter what, and helps you enjoy life.

Now relaxing was the 1st thing I decided to do in order to clear the junk, so what about the other stuff? Honestly I don’t know there was no other stuff all I did from that day on was sit still and connect with my inner self. Meditation automatically did all the stuff that had to be done. So all you beautiful people to rid yourselves of your messy live start meditating diligently and persistently, do not give up you will see miracles. In fact you won’t recognise yourself, you will be so positive that life will be heaven on earth.

Meditation has helped me & hope you try it too. Don’t waste your time with stress & anxiety, live life… it’s colorful and wonderful.

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