Hair Transplant for Men

Hair loss affects nearly half the population when we reach middle age, so it is not hard to understand that out of all those seeking a hair transplant, men are the largest group. While there is no absolute known cure for baldness, loss of hair in men is a serious problem requiring serious solutions. In seeking out hair loss remedies such as grafting and laser hair transplant men can find an immediate solution to their hair loss, generally at a great expense.

While for decades, baldness in men was thought to occur because of a genetic predisposition, handed down through their ancestors, scientist now realize the problem is more serious than that. Clinical research now shows that the majority of men are afflicted with baldness and thinning areas due to an imbalance of their hormonal levels. This imbalance is thought to be brought on by heavy medication use, stress factors, eating habits, and lack of exercise.

The downside to these scientific findings is that were living in a time and age where stress, environmental toxins and bad habits can have a profound effect on the hair rejuvenating qualities in men. The upside to this is that because it is not genetically driven, sometimes effects can be reversed without requiring medical procedures. Other than having a hair transplant men can take control of their stress levels, bad habits and other external forces causing the problem.

While there are affective and quick remedies for loss of hair such as a hair transplant men can choose instead to take a more natural approach. All-natural herbal supplements have been proven effective at balancing men’s hormonal levels and reducing stress, the two leading causes of hair loss. Additionally, using anti-hair loss shampoos and conditioners have also been known to stimulate hair growth in dormant or inactive follicles.

Because most hair loss is not caused by genetics, the stress and hormone imbalance can make the body produce too much testosterone. When your levels of testosterone have become excessive, it naturally bonds together with another hormone called 5-alpha reductase. The combination of these two hormones produce DHT (dihydrotestosterone). DHT then stops the production of hair growth in certain areas on your scalp. By balancing your hormone levels and reducing the stress in your life, you can essentially rebalance your levels of testosterone to stop this production of DHT.

Once your body has stopped producing excessive levels of DHT, hair restoration and rejuvenation should begin in the balding spots or thinning areas of your scalp. By using an anti-hair loss shampoo directly on the affected areas, you can scrub away any accumulated DHT to allow for hair re-growth.

Whether one chooses a more natural approach to hair loss, or a medical approach such as a hair transplant, men no longer have to live with baldness. Finding the perfect solution for you requires becoming as informed as possible in seeking out medical advice along with finding the perfect organic all-natural herbal supplement specifically formulated for hair loss.

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