Flatten Your Gut In 7 Days

I have been cursed or blessed (however you want to look at it) at the observation of people (including myself) and the changes in their physique over time. I observe but never judge and only give advice when asked or when hired for my diet and exercise consultation service.

You see, time just marches along and Mother Nature does not bend or change her laws to accommodate a person’s bad habits. Unlike manmade laws, the laws of the Universe cannot be changed just because “we don’t like them”. This is a fact that needs to be understood.

You see a simple 100 drops of water in a bucket may not seem like a lot, but over 7 or 30 or 365 days it really adds up. An extra 100 calories a day adds up to 36,500 in a year and that means unwanted weight gain and many other ill side effects both physical and mental.

In 12 months time the majority of people gain unwanted weight and ill health – a few people remain the same over extended periods of time and lose weight and muscle mass and stay skinny for a few years and a select few control their diet and exercise and actually improve.

So how do you flatten your gut in 7 days? Here’s how.

1. Start a new habit or replace a bad habit. You cannot get rid of a bad habit; you can only replace a bad habit with a good habit. Here is a great lifestyle habit to start on Monday.

2. First thing in the morning after you roll out of bed, lie down on the floor and perform one set of abdominal crunches. I don’t care if you are so out of shape that you can only do one rep – that is fine. That is one rep that will compound into many if you “Make It a Daily Habit” and add one extra rep each and every day until you reach 50 reps.

3. As soon as you finish your one set of abdominal exercise you squeeze ½ lemon in 8 ounces of room temperature water and drink it down. Do this before you have your morning coffee or tea.

4. If you are a male start on a healthy 1500 calorie diet.

5. If you are a female start on a healthy 1200 calorie diet.

6. Have a very large salad in the evening. This salad should have a variety of greens as well as some nuts and fruit.

7. Drink at least four eight ounces glasses of water each and every day.

8. You must eliminate as much refined and sugary foods as possible from your diet.

9. Most important of all – stick with the plan no matter what happens. Don’t make excuses and alibis. Make a commitment and follow through.

If you follow this routine for 7 days you will be amazed as your gut just seems to magically shrink away as you gain more energy, stamina and an overall well being about yourself physically and mentally!

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