Coronavirus – Ancient Secrets of Immunity and Health Preservation

Prior to spiritual awakening, the mind is propelled by inherent subconscious thought programs. Due to the way Nature or evolution functions, we each come into this world already uploaded in natural adherence to the permanent laws of nature. No person escapes this activity which operates in the mind and body. These inherited energy patterns are what the permanent laws of nature work on in providing our individual relative life experiences.

The content nature of these subconscious patterns, exists consequent of the seed standard produced in previous lives.

Based on these previously created journey-seeds, the laws of nature – laws of mind – manifest corresponding worlds to fit the paradigms of these seed patterns. Every previous seed thought which was accepted in deeper mind as true, reproduces to form our reality after birth. The laws of nature continue material manifestation of the seeds, into full bloom, until the cycle is interrupted by conscious awareness.

Because of these ignorance-based mind-sets or thought seeds, the corresponding lower intellect – as opposed to resolute intellect — has no choice but adhere faithfully and develop lifestyles and relationships around which our lives can reflect these lower-nature seed patterns, thereby repeating this level of consciousness indefinitely.

Sadly, this unwitting higher-nature ignorance is the root cause of almost every known disease or infection on the planet. Logic suggests that, at some level, this known fact must extend into the realm of the unknown or potential diseases such as the present Coronavirus pandemic. In other words, prevention is possible which is better than cure.

In the sleeping soul state, we’re without stability, equipoise: our mental-physical equilibrium falls prey to all the laws of opposites – good-bad, love-hate, like-dislike, disease-harmony. In other words, the laws of nature fulfill ignorance-based consciousness to perfection. It does so in order to keep us bound to its authority. Because of this unwitting ‘fall from grace’ our life is lived under the spell of illusory existence — identifying solely with the uploaded birth standard of disease-consciousness and all the ramifications of addictive lifestyles. Thus perpetuating a vicious circle of finding cures for situations which could have been prevented. In other words, spiritual blindness continues in perpetuity until we raise the lower human standard to a higher standard: one established in spiritual awareness. this process is the way of gaining Pure Consciousness, the sickles state.

Soul’s desire for evolution

At some point in our life, the soul’s desire for growth and evolution begins surfacing from within. When ‘suffering’ becomes too much, an inner dialogue along the lines ‘enough is enough’, ‘what can I do to escape this’. Much like biblical Paul’s flash on the road to Damascus. This flash moment of course was a flash of intuitive awareness which becomes clearly cognizable. For some this may be soon after adolescence, for others during some personal crises or an unguarded ego moment, or an unsuspecting seed of inspiration is picked up from another soul.

In times of crises, when there’s not many options available, we become keenly sensitive and alert to life-saving guidance. These prompts equate to divine wisdom: our soul screaming for what we must do next. For further life development, this soul-listening or soul-attuning is critical.

The soul’s desire for spiritual evolution is one of those symphonic points, when that certain Que, flash or inner prompt becomes the catalyst to some outer practical action: maybe a detoxification program leading to inner freedom from addictive life patterns or some soul-destroying habits.

But always remembering, that, freedom from the compelling laws of nature is a conscious decision.

This is when practices like meditation and yoga start making impression-seeds in the mind, start stirring the asleep consciousness into self-inquiry awareness. In the beginning, we won’t know much about these practices, but deep down they resonate a spiritual vibration in us. This resonance is divine prompting.

Catch 22

Now, in this context, of spiritual awakening, we’re presented with the classic conundrum or catch-22 situation. On the one hand, due to this inherited subconscious conditioning — habitual stress, fear and ignorance — while on the other, interrupting this automatic activity requires a conscious decision to breaking this soul-sleeping cycle and eventual escape from it into the awakening level.

Making this decision is akin to self-force awakening from a bad dream. Even though we’re sleeping, we just know we must escape this griping nightmare. Even in the dream, awakening calls for real effort. Herein lies the clue. We’re presented with the nightmare in order to awaken from it. Similarly, with ignorance-based life, we make the decision to awaken from its nightmare existence.

This is the biggest effort-requiring decision we’ll ever make in our entire life. Like the dream, it calls for strength and courage. But once we commence we’ll always awaken. The difference being, the dream is a fabrication, an illusion, whereas You are real.

And while we’re born in to this lower world of law dominance, at another level of soul, humans are encoded with immortality DNA. But, again, we must consciously choose immortality.

Similarly, like dream awakening, once this inner journey commences, the target of immortality and Self-awareness becomes unmissable. At a certain point we’ll have developed a level of consciousness from which we will ‘know’ immortality. But, between knowing and non-knowing much shedding and inner awakening will have taken place.

Moving on.

Re-aligning mind-body for additional immunity

Innumerable are the laws of nature, thus we cannot align with each law separately. This is impossible. But what is possible, what is doable, is re-align the mind in such a way that there is automatic mind-body-health-harmony co-ordination with all the laws of nature simultaneously. This is how the immune system is weaponized in defending against viral attack such as Covid-19. This process of cosmic mind alignment stimulates the Thymus gland into releasing the required quota of mature antibodies or white blood cells –antigens or pathogens — into the immune system, which then travel through a now strengthened circulatory system bringing further health-infused oxygen to every part of the body..

This approach to disease-free health presents a whole new dynamic for the ordinary person to initiate into our lives cost-free and natural.

The Three Gunas of Nature

Let us now address these innumerable laws of nature by their umbrella titles. They come under what the immortal Bhagavad-Gita calls the three gunas. These three gunas are the qualities or dynamics working within each of us from birth, the laws of nature, as mentioned earlier. Gaining knowledge of guna interaction is where real spiritual schooling begins. It’s from here — from this practiced understanding — that real physical health, well-being and soul liberation establishes tangibly in consciousness.

The three Gunas are:

Sattva – harmony, goodness, spirituality

Rajas – passion, activity, ambition

Tamas – inertia, dullness, sloth

Collectively these three elements of nature are responsible for all creation, maintenance and dissolution. Such is how physical creation and evolution continue in perpetuity eternally.

As we can observe, each guna has a particular quality or nature. And at certain stages in our life, one of these qualities may be the dominant guna, or any pair of gunas interacting with each other. In other words, we can be feeling blissfully happy one day and next day the reverse – the gunas compete for dominance over our free will. Bhagavad-Gita refers to this alternating activity as the gunas acting upon gunas. This is why we don’t get attached even to Sattva standard because it too is binding. But, what is constant and non-binding is Pure Sattva. This state represents soul liberation which is gained through regular meditation.

And while all three gunas are present simultaneously in mind-body, the Higher Self or Soul, being transcendental lies beyond the gunas, beyond aging and decaying. Therein lies THE secret of perfect health. The transcendental state of unruffled calm is truly the dormant miracle awaiting a consciousness through which to reflect. We can each be that Prism of consciousness.

The human soul sets out in life from the tamas-rajas level. Later, raja guna spurs us warrior-like to explore the treasure troves of the material world, possessions and artificial happiness. Later again, through maturity — or burnout — we discover that the material possessions and artificial happiness are not providing that innately sought-after ‘something’. That sub-terrain quality of inner space, peace and happiness, or, Pure Sattva. This Pure Sattva state can exist alongside the chaotic world activity. We don’t have to self-isolate in a cave or monastery. No, we live normal lives in whichever societal culture we’re born into.

Guiding Scriptures to Bliss-consciousness

Here are some wonderful scriptures, each expressing exactly the same message of health, peace and liberation.

The Bible states: Jesus said, “First seek ye the kingdom of heaven (Perfection) and all else shall be added” (added unto consciousness.)

Then, in the immortal five thousand years old Bhagavad-Gita, chapter two verse 45, Lord Krishna states: “Be without the three gunas, O Arjuna, freed from duality” meaning, freed from rule of opposites, the laws of nature..

These two pivotal scriptures are both presenting the same means of gaining contact with the Transcendent Divine Principle latent within all humans, regardless of our culture.

Again, Jesus said: “My kingdom is not of this world” meaning, that, Pure Coconsciousness is not of time space and causation, or, this world.

And, “the kingdom of God is within” — referring to divine potential within consciousness, which Potential, when realized, is Pure Consciousness, Pure Sattva. Also termed Bliss-Consciousness or Cosmic-Consciousness.

Transcending the Gunas and uploading disease-free health

Negative thought entanglement is what keeps the mind and body trapped in perpetual suffering. Transcendence, on the other hand, is what frees the mind-body from thought entanglement interaction.

Thus the art of disentanglement from subconscious mind-sets, particularly regards health, is through transcendence. Transcendence is already Perfect, already Pure Awareness. No worldly ailment can exist here. Nothing of this world can gain access into Pure Consciousness, thus the need of inner transformation. This is where inner silence and utter mental surrender comes in.

The purpose of the three gunas of Nature therefore is to keep each human soul bound to thought entanglement, bound to its authority in the area of ‘world’ existence. Thus THE goal of life for each soul is to transcend the laws of nature, transcend beyond ‘the world’ of the three gunas. There is no higher spiritual achievement than this act of personal transcendence.

And because we have risen above time, space and causation, in transcendence there is no aging or decaying of the cellular body for the duration of the meditation session -we’re establishing conscious immortality awareness.

After gaining pure transcendental consciousness, the mind, post meditation, retains a certain level of transcendental bliss nature until our next meditation. Twice daily meditation is imperative in making transcendental consciousness a permanent state. At this level, we don’t take sides with the gunas nor do we react to their inter-functioning. Self-Bliss Awareness is now experienced as separate from the activity of the world.

Bhagavad-Gita, chapter six, verses 10-15, sets out the simple method of meditation, leading to transcendence, and how to practice it.

This meditation practice is surely the secret to having a strong nervous system and, more vitally, optimizing the activities of the immune system for our total health benefit, particularly release of white blood cells, or T-cells, from the Thymus gland. These are the warriors which defend the mind-body against any foreign invaders entering into it. This is how the whole mind-body-cellular-molecular structure is made permanently harmonious and blissfully healthy.

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