Choosing Hair Products That Are Great for Your Curls

If you have naturally curly hair, you may be the center of attention wherever you go. Women love to flaunt their natural curls, as these curls make them look innocent and sophisticated at the same time. However, it would help if you also took care of them properly, as curls can become dry and frizzy when you don’t manage them properly.

If you have been looking at some tips on maintaining your natural curls, you have come to the right place. Here, you will get to know some points to remember when buying curly hair products, so that you don’t cause any damage to your hair.

Do you know your Hair well?

Most of the time, your curly hair or frizzy hair products don’t give you the results you want, because you don’t know your hair well. What works for your fellow curly-haired friend may not work for you. This is because there could be a world of difference between her hair quality and yours. So, the first step to choosing the right hair products for your curls is to know your hair type.

The three points that you have to keep in mind to know the type of your hair are:

What is your Hair’s Porosity?

This denotes how well your curls absorb the hair products applied to them, and retain the moisture inside them. Usually, dry, frizzy and damaged hair has high porosity. This type of hair needs products that have a lot of protein content. On the contrary, healthy curls have low porosity.

What is your Hair’s Texture?

Are your curls coarse, thick or medium? The answer to this question will depend on the type of hair product that you choose. For coarse curls, you can choose products that don’t have protein at all. On the other hand, fine curls need hair products that have rich protein content. For curls of medium texture, you can use a hair product with a balanced keratin and protein content.

What is your Hair’s Density?

Are you able to see your scalp clearly after drying your hair naturally post a hair wash? If yes, you have very low-density hair. If you cannot see your scalp even in one patch, you have high-density hair.

Some points to note while buying curly hair products:

  • Avoid products that contain sulfates, parabens, silicones, alcohol and other toxic chemicals.
  • Use products that contain large-molecule proteins. Soy proteins, oat proteins, wheat proteins and corn proteins are good choices. These will make your natural curls look healthy and glowing.
  • Buy products that have a good balance of protein and moisture, depending on your hair quality.
  • It is important to handle the tangles in your curls gently. Else, it may cause your hair to break. Experts recommend using wide-combed teeth for combing and detangling the natural curls.
  • You can try natural hair masks made from eggs and mayonnaise once a week to make your curls look healthy. Eggs give protein content to your curls, while mayonnaise helps your curls to retain the moisture perfectly.
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