Business Practices in India

Business practices in India are undergoing massive transformation. The common man today is expecting something more from huge business houses. The common man is not willing to compromise on quality and prompt services.

Let’s take the example of how real estate business is practiced in India. Changing aspirations and higher disposable incomes have caused a sea change in the kind of homes available in India.

Over the last few years, the property market in India has undergone a tremendous transformation, with the growth extending not just to real estate, but into the cities and towns itself. These areas have come alive, offering lifestyles hat the average home buyer could not have dreamed of even a decade ago.

The growth of these areas has had an exponential effect on the cityscape and its corresponding infrastructure. The need for better infrastructure began to be felt and gradually is beginning to take shape – the many flyovers that have already made travel within the cities easier.

Places that were once considered the boondocks are the newest upmarket addresses. Today builders provide complex’s with gardens, pool and a gym. Everyone these days it seems is looking for a lifestyle home and every builder today is promising and providing exactly this. Developers in India have build house where you can park your car right outside your home on the 22nd floor. This is keeping on mind the space constraints that every city is facing.

So what is it that suddenly brought India on par with global standards and where is all this demand coming from? There are three factors that have played a key role in this demand for lifestyle homes – the fact that people are buying homes at younger ages than ever before; their exposure to international trends; and higher disposable incomes.

Developers are also gearing up to meet these evolving needs, resulting in a transformation in the very nature of the real estate industry. Luxury has become synonymous with comfortable living and builders and developers are cashing on this idea.

Business in India is practiced according to public demand. In a market where the basic product is similar, it is ultimately the ability to understand the customers need completely and structure value-adds that holds the key. It is with this thought in mind that developers try to innovate constantly, based on constant interaction with the customer. Business in India is practiced on these lines; in order to succeed offer not only the best possible service but also value-added features and benefits.

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