Automatic Cooking Machine, Commercial Kitchen Equipment, Meat Stewing Machine

HUOSHIMACHINERY is Electromagnetic Heating Field Leader Since 1984. You can find high quality Automatic Cooking Machine, Commercial Kitchen Equipment, Meat Stewing Machine, Puffed Rice Roaster, Induction Roaster, Induction Puff Rice Machine here.

Huo’s machinery began in 1984 and is devoted to the development and manufacture of large-scale industrial heating equipment. Over the years, in the food and the central kitchen, nut wugu, the sauce production and manufacture, the pharmaceutical field, no boiler sterilization equipment, chemical/ore/metallurgy and other fields have achieved outstanding achievements.

The company covers an area of 40000 square meters, located in Beijing east fifth ring and the sixth ring, next to Beijing airport two high speed. After 30 years of technology accumulation, Mr Khodorkovsky machinery has rich reserves of science and technology, integration of the world’s most advanced electromagnetic heating technology, with domestic electromagnetic field of hot working many advanced technology patents.

Leading the new era of automatic numerical control heating

The technology of electromagnetism heating used by the hornwood machinery is 95% efficient (1.9 times coal burning and 1.67 times gas). Green energy saving 0 pollution emission, and the use process is safe, comfortable.

The electromagnetic numerical control heating equipment is the first in China, with the patented microcomputer precision temperature control, intelligent heating, technology embedding technology, and three technologies. Designed for high quality, standardized and continuous production requirements, it can improve production quality and greatly reduce operating costs.

Industrial-grade quality, durable and rock-solid

Huo’s machinery has always been adhering to the spirit of craftsmanship and exquisite craftsmanship. Focus on every detail of production, adhering to the rely on science and technology progress, promote the development of environmental protection concept, persistence, striving to build the concept of green automation production, continuous research and development, continuous innovation, for clients to achieve standardization of hot working, automated production lines, effectively reduce the energy loss and carbon dioxide emissions, and at the same time solve the two big problem in the production enterprise efficiency and emission reduction, and create a better social, economic and environmental benefits.

Integrating Germany, Japan, France and other frontier technologies, we have independently developed many kinds of equipment such as large stock – making machines, stir-frying machines and sauteing machines. In the food processing industry, the Chinese herbal medicine processing industry, the central kitchen intelligent area, chemical heating, grain oil processing and other industries obtained the customer’s unanimous praise.

Better quality, more protection, the wisdom of the top customers in many industries

The wisdom of many domestic and foreign industry top customers, and export more than 40 countries and regions. Our clients include: tongrentang, Kang Rentang, zhongjing group, Haitian flavor industry, sichuan wild food, its group, with medicine group, little sheep, old shipping magnate, old ghost bait, sands pharmaceutical industry in hunan, ningxia kai yuan medicine, shennong group, sanhe pharmaceutical, bozhou medica, kunming Chinese medicine, ma hua ramen, guangzhou to credit group, jinchuan group, golden tripod restaurant, golden monkey, a pharmaceutical industry, many well-known enterprises such as tongjitang (here list only part of the list).

Our services are all over China, and wherever you are, we can give you more advanced technical support (the industry is the first to propose the core components for 5 years super long warranty)!

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