Arowana Food Part 2

Arowana Food: Fish

There’s a whole lot of fish available in the market for use as Arowana food. Actually, as long as the fish is not toxic or venomous and as long as it is smaller than the Arowana you will be feeding it to, then it is okay for your pet to eat it. However, there are still dangers that come along with supplying fish into your Arowana’s diet. These, and other facts about fish as Arowana food, will be discussed in this article.

As mentioned above, plenty of fish could be fed to Arowanas. The most usual of which are small chidlid, baby catfish, baby koi, meadow fish and feeder goldfish. However, as was also previously stated, there are risks in using fish in your Arowana’s regimen. Because they are waterborne, chances of infection are bigger. Also, a number of these said fish are high on cholesterol which causes the drop eye condition in Arowanas. Dietary deficit is also a usual result of using goldfish as Arowana food because of some of its enzymes. Therefore, goldfish is not really a good choice of sustenance for Arowanas.

However, if you still plan on including live fish in your Arowana’s diet, then you must always remember to keep these fish away for a minimum of five days to ensure that they are safe to eat before you feed them to your Arowana. Also, so that your Arowana could receive more nutrition, then you can first feed these feeder fish right before you give them to your Arowana. This method can also be done when you’re trying to pass medicine on to your pet fish.

In conclusion, it is okay use live fish as Arowana food as long as one keeps in mind the dangers that come along with it. Remember to quarantine them before use and avoid using feeder goldfish. Lastly, keep varying what you feed your Arowana so that it will stay healthy at all times.

Arowana Food: Live Prawns

Among the many available Arowana food, the one which will be discussed in this article is live prawns, or in simpler terms, shrimp. Like the various other types of food that Arowanas can eat, there are also advantages and disadvantages when feeding shrimp to your Arowana. Here, you will find out exactly what these are.

One of the advantages is the fact that, like any other crustacean, shrimps are a very good source of nourishment. However, there are also disadvantages to using shrimp as Arowana food, just like the other living creatures that an Arowana eats. So just as you would do to other live food, detaining the shrimps for at least five days before feeding them to your Arowana is important to ensure that they are clean and disease free. Another drawback in using live prawn is that when they are left in your aquarium, your Arowana would tend to persistently hunt for them downwards, one cause of the drop eye problem in Arowanas.

Lastly, do not feed these crustaceans to an Arowana that is when it is still in its earliest stage of development. This is because the carcasses of the prawns are very hard for the baby Arowana’s digestive system to break down, thus giving them stomach troubles. Nevertheless, shrimps are still abundant in vitamin A, the vitamin that heightens and improves the color of Arowanas, so it is still a good source of nutrition.

Now you know the advantages and disadvantages of using live prawns as Arowana food. If you’re thinking twice about what to feed your pet Arowana, look back on this article and review what you’ve read. Shrimps are a good source of vitamin A, but using them all the time may cause the drop eye problem. So keep alternating between prawns and the other food available for Arowanas and you can be sure to be hassle free in growing your pet.

Arowana Food: The Basics

An Arowana must be fed a variety of Arowana food so that the probability rate of insufficiency in nutrition could be lowered. Also, an Arowana must never be overfed. Doing so causes an Arowana to lose its desire to eat, which in turn leads it to starve itself for a long interval. This is also one of the reasons for the dwindling of an Arowana’s life expectancy as well as its capacity to breed.

The size of an Arowana must also be taken into consideration when one is trying to know how much to feed it. Arowana food must be given three times a day if the Arowana is at a length under 6 inches. Conversely, an Arowana that measures between 6 and 14 inches must have two meals within 24 hours. Finally, if the Arowana has reached its peak size of more than 14 inches, then it must be fed only once every day.

In its natural habitat, an Arowana’s diet includes bugs, worms, crustaceans, small amphibians and fish. When in captivity, however, owners may opt to train their Arowana to accept artificial feeds. Still, to ensure that an Arowana remains healthy when you make it your pet, the above mentioned should stay as a staple in its regimen.

There’s added nutrition in organic food, but there are also dangers that come along in choosing to feed the latter to your Arowana. Maladies can enter your aquarium through the things you put inside it, so to avoid the latter from happening, detain live food for a couple of days before letting your Arowana to eat it.

These are just the basic things you need to know when it comes to Arowana food. To ensure you have a complete understanding of what to feed your pet Arowana, read further on the different types of bugs, worms, crustaceans, small amphibians and fish that can nourish it.

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