Argan Oil Hair Treatments

Natural Argan oil that originates from Morocco is widely known for its properties that makes it very valuable for skin and hair care. It is used as the primary ingredient for a lot of scalp and hair treatment products. It can also be found in some conditioning shampoos. The health benefit of this oil that is from the Moroccan Argan tree has been known for several centuries. It can protect and repair hair that has suffered some damage. When it is applied constantly, its moisturizing properties will enable your hair to become stronger, smoother and healthier.

This oil’s popularity goes far beyond what people say. It has been proven by several laboratory tests in a lot of countries. It has been ascertained to contain several ingredients such as vitamins A, F and E. It also contains antioxidants, carotene, fatty acids, linoleic acid and so on. It’s used for the effective treatment of eczema, wrinkles and other skin conditions. It is used widely in spas for massages and facial treatment. The antioxidant ability of this oil makes it possible for it to protect hair from destructive Ultraviolet rays from the sun. The vitamins that it contains also provide you with further benefits. Some examples are vitamin A and E that helps you to have strong and healthy hair. The moisturizing ingredient is very valuable for keeping the scalp properly nourished and healthy. Putting a few drops on the scalp daily will offer protection against dandruff. For further benefits, you can massage it properly into your scalp.

The benefits that Argan oil provides for damaged hair are numerous. It can rejuvenate it, restore the natural glow and promote healthy growth. It also has a pleasant smell and is absorbed quickly. The increasing demand for this oil is due to the restorative properties that it possesses.

Application is really very simple. It can be used prior to shampooing or even as a nightly treatment. Never use too much or else you run the risk of the oil weighing too heavily in the hair possibly leaving it greasy and heavy. First, take a small portion in the palm of your hand – five or six drops and then work into your scalp. I can’t emphasize enough use a little bit first until you know the levels necessary. Then take a bit more and work into the base of the hair and massaging into the entire length of the hair. This will help straighten and repair those split ends. Leave an hour or so before shampooing. Your hair should be softer and shiner. Another application can be a small amount after washing and before blow drying. The oil is unique as it doesn’t burn like most hair serums that have a chemical base. As such there will be no unpleasant smell and smokeless. Finally, for a truly deep treatment leave over night and then shampoo in the morning. This will best treat your hair and scalp. This treatment should be done 2-3 times per week for optimum results.

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