Anti Aging Natural Skin Care Products – Are They All Really Natural?

More people are looking for anti aging natural skin care products today than ever before. A lot of us have learned that the best anti aging skin care comes from naturally occurring compounds, such as protein, vitamins, antioxidants, plant oils and waxes.

But, don’t believe that a cosmetic company has anti aging natural skin care products, just because they claim to. Before you buy anything, get the information that you need to protect you skin’s appearance and your overall health.

It’s like claiming to provide the best anti aging skin care. Of course, every company is going to say that their product is the “best”. That’s just logical. They have to at least appear to believe in the quality of their ingredients.

What you have to learn is which ingredients are actually high quality and which are cheap fillers. One good example of cheap fillers is petrolatum. It is in the most popular anti aging natural skin care products. They are only popular because they spend a lot of money on advertising.

People buy them, get them home, try them and realize that they are not that effective. In one review that I read of a big designer name product, who claims to provide the best anti aging skin care available, the customer said that she had used the product religiously for six months and there was simply no effect.

Well, it probably doesn’t make her feel any better, but no effect is better than adverse reactions. I read a lot of reviews. There are more negative reactions than positive ones.

But, let’s look at some effective and safe ingredients for anti aging natural skin care products. I’ll start with a brief lesson about keratin.

Keratin is one of the proteins that compose the skin’s layers. For many years, companies have tried including keratin in their anti aging skin care and other creams and lotions, but it was not as effective as they had hoped.

Keratin in its natural form is hard and not water soluble. So, it would be impossible to use it on your face or include it in a cream. Manufacturers learned how to take keratin from animal hooves and denaturalize it, in order to create a lotion with it.

They could technically call lotions that included it anti aging natural skin care products, but most of us would rather have something more pleasant than melted cow hooves on our faces. One company found the answer in wool.

Through a patented process they are able to extract keratin from sheep’s wool and process it without denaturalizing it, so that it can be used by the body to build new skin cells, new collagen and new elastin fibers. They call it “Functional” keratin. You will only find it in the best anti aging skin care lines.

Other ingredients to look for include Wakame, a kind of kelp that increases the skin’s protein levels and HE Q10, which is a combination of vitamin E and COQ10. The two together are able to protect against additional free radical damage that can lead to wrinkles and age spots.

Begin your search for anti aging natural skin care products by looking for these ingredients. There is a new line of lotions and creams that contains all of these and more.

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