A Glimpse of Diversified Indian Cuisine

India is known for its diversified food culture, a wide range of cuisines and varied cooking techniques. No holiday of a foreign tourist is complete without tasting exotic food of India. India is a land of many different cultures that establishes unity in diversity. It is also the reason for Indian food being inspired by many different cultures and regions.

Today eating out has emerged as an important way of life for Indians. Especially, it is considered as means of socialising with other people in relations and community. Best restaurants in India offers delighted choices. If you are experiencing the Indian cuisines for the first time, here we have tried to make you familiar with some of the signature cuisines of the India.

Punjabi Cuisine

Punjab is a state of northern India. Punjabi restaurants in India offer exotic food from the state of Punjab. Punjabi food is usually loved by all communities in India, especially foreigners are fond of mouth watering vegetarian and non vegetarian Punjabi dishes made with liberal use of desi ghee, butter and cream. Apart from Punjabi restaurants in India, road side Punjabi eating outlets, especially found on highways are very popular for the serving the food full of rustic flavour. They are known as Dhabas. Here food is usually served in big brass plate along with and drinks such as water, lassi, tea, soups etc. Many of these drinks are typically served in a 12-inch-long brass glass. However in Punjabi restaurants in cities, you will find food served in a normal manner as other food is served in other places. As popularity of Dhabas is growing, many Punjabi restaurants in Delhi have come up to offer ambience like Dhaba for those looking for hygienic authentic Punjabi food served in Dhabas in truly Punjabi style.

Bengali Cuisine

Bengali cuisine is originated in Bengal, a region in the eastern South Asia. Bengali restaurants in Kolkata are known for offering some subtle flavours. It is the only Indian cuisine which has adopted multicourse stricture similar to à la russe style of French cuisine. Bengali cuisine is very popular for a variety of rice dishes and fresh water fish delicacies. Bengali restaurants in Kolkata are popular for offering delicious curries, fish dishes, chicken cuisines, pulses, fries, cutneys, Bengali sweets and snacks.

Gujrati Cuisine

A primarily vegetarian cuisine, in a typical plate from Guajarati cuisine, you will find Roti, Pulse or kadhi, rice, sabzi/shaak and papad. Sabzi is a dish created with different combinations of vegetables and spices.

Kashmiri Cuisine

Kashmiri cuisine reflects the influence of many cultures including Kashmiri Hindus and Buddhists, Central Asia, Persia, and the North Indian plains. Mutton is the USP of Kashmiri cuisine which serves over thirty varieties of mutton. Wazwan is a popular multicourse meal in Kashmiri Muslim tradition, of which preparation needs lots of efforts, time and considered to be an art.

Best restaurants in India are popular for offering a variety of dishes and delicacies. They specialise not only in Indian cuisine but also serve delicacies from all over the world such as Thai, Chinese, Italian, Mediterranean and much more. Many of them have earned national and global fame. The best way to find them is to use online directories that make your search for restaurants in India quick and easy.

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